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Vicious Wolf looked at the losses of others, and he was secretly scared. Their leader’s decision before was simply too decisive, or else, the ones crying right now would be them.


"Leader, Huo Xiao, that little guy didn’t come back." Vicious Wolf looked around but did not see the figure of that little drag. He couldn’t help but worry.


In the face of the Phoenixes’ might, they, the big men, were already overwhelmed, so what more a little guy like him? Although that little kid’s brain was extremely good, he was still a kid! Vicious Wolf was very concerned about Shen Yanxiao’s safety.


Du Lang sighed and said, "If I did not guess wrongly, he should not be at any risk. We’ll wait here for a while." Somehow, Du Lang felt that the third Mythological Beast that had suddenly appeared on top of Mount Ku Luo and Huo Xiao couldn’t be unrelated. Unfortunately, they were too far away at that time and failed to see the true apperance of that Mythological Beast.


Vicious Wolf listened to Du Lang's words and did not say anything more. He just stretched out his head in the direction toward Mount Ku Luo and secretly prayed that the little guy didn’t encounter anything bad.


After resting for some time, the other mercenary heads gathered their own men together. For this unexpected accident, they had almost greeted those bastard employers’ eighteen generations of ancestors. What was worse was that all traces of the employers seemed to be lost that even the one in charge of the employers’ carriages was missing.


Since they couldn’t find the culprits, the heads of each mercenary corps were not willing to stay in this ghost place any second longer. Many of their men were wounded and needed treatment.


Anyway, even if the employers couldn’t be found, the commission had already been deposited in the Mercenary Trade Union, so they simply packed up and left the ghost place.


On the vast plains, the other mercenary corps ran away without leaving any shadows. Only the group of Caves Wolves Mercenaries were left.


Almost no one except Du Lang and Vicious Wolf believed that the little guy could leave alive from Mount Ku Luo. But after getting along all this time, a lot of them didn’t want to abandon the little guy, so they also silently waited there.


When sunset came, the people were already in despair, but in their desperation, two petite figures slowly walked out from the foot of Mount Ku Luo.


Against the twilight sunset, Shen Yanxiao together with Vermillion Bird came out of Mount Ku Luo. She saw that group of mercenaries waiting outside of Mount Ku Luo from far away.


"They hadn’t left yet?" Shen Yanxiao was surprised to see them waiting. She and this group of people could only be regarded as strangers coming together by chance. In the aftermath of the Phoenixes’ attacks, the best thing they could do was to leave quickly. But they did not leave and instead waited silently outside of Mount Ku Luo for her return.


Shen Yanxiao touched her nose. This feeling was not bad, wasn’t it?


"Vermillion Bird, can you change your appearance?" Shen Yanxiao asked Vermillion Bird beside her. Red hair and a pair of red eyes —even fools could see that this fellow wasn’t a human.


Vermillion Bird was still depressed, but there was no resistance on his side. In the blink of an eye, the long scarlet-red hair turned dark, and his red eyes became dark brown. Except for that refined and somewhat excessive face, he looked like an ordinary human being.


Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird gradually approached the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ location. They hadn’t walked into the crowd yet when Vicious Wolf rushed to stand in front of Shen Yanxiao like a tiger, and his sturdy palm directly patted Shen Yanxiao’s small head.

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