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"Lava Valley belongs to an influential family of the human race. Wouldn’t the other party disagree if we go there?" The male Phoenix was a little excited, but he also had a lot of misgivings. However, when the Vermillion Bird Clan was mentioned, he immediately thought of Vermillion Bird’s identity. Although the Mythological Beast had been isolated for a very long time from the rest of the world, he had heard about the prestige of the five ancient Mythological Beasts. This Vermillion Bird Clan bore the Vermillion Bird’s name, and the Vermillion Bird was present before them right now, so this matter should not be difficult to handle.


Shen Yanxiao said, "To be honest, I’m a member of the Vermillion Bird Clan. I can promise you that as long as you’re willing to go to Lava Valley, no one will bother you, and no information about you will leak out. This information shall only be known between the Vermillion Bird Clan’s current family master, my grandfather, and me.


Lava Valley was Vermillion Bird’s nest, but now that Vermillion Bird was with her, that nest was now empty. It was better to act like a gentleman and do this favor that only cost a little. Besides, the Phoenix’s nest was destroyed by Vermillion Bird, so this could be considered as compensation.


The two Phoenixes looked at each other. This news was very important for them.


If they could find a safe nest quickly, then that would save them a lot of effort.


"Thank you very much," The Phoenixes didn’t refuse and instead gratefully showed their gratitude.


Vermillion Bird at the side was looking aggrievedly at his master. His resentment grew infinitely.


After the deal, Shen Yanxiao gave the specific location of Lava Valley to the two Phoenixes, and she planned to immediately write a letter home after going down the mountains, telling Shen Feng about this matter.


Once the matter was settled, Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird left the two Phoenixes. Before leaving, the female Phoenix gave Shen Yanxiao a weaving cloth made from the Phoenix’s most precious feathers.


This garment made out of feathers from the male Phoenix had a very high resistance against fire. As long as Shen Yanxiao put it on, even if she was unable to dodge the Phoenix flames and got hit by it, she would remain unscathed. This was definitely a good thing.


The most precious feathers that could be found in a Phoenix’s body was the feather in its neck. It would take ten years for a single feather to fall off, so gathering enough feathers and making a shirt out of it would take at least hundreds of years. So it could be said that this piece of clothing in Shen Yanxiao’s hands could be considered a unique item in the entire Radiance Continent.  


Shen Yanxiao wore this garment made out of Phoenix feathers first before putting on her original clothes. It seemed nothing had changed, but she could actually feel a warm atmosphere being passed on to her body from this clothing.


After bidding farewell to the Phoenix couple, Shen Yanxiao left Mount Ku Luo. The little Phoenix all the way was just lying on top of Vermillion Bird’s head. It was not even a single bit sad about separating from its parents.  Instead, he had a happy look.


It was only Vermillion Bird who had a livid face and a heart about to spit up blood.


He could say that he suffered such heavy losses during this trip. Not only were they bringing a child back, he even needed to give his nest away. This was simply suffering a double loss after trying to trick the enemy.


A large number of mercenaries had already managed to escape, and they were already back to a safe zone outside of Mount Ku Luo.


Because of the prior arrangement of Du Lang, although the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had some injured members, they didn’t lose any life. This time, only the other mercenary corps had suffered great losses, especially those who stood at the forefront. Almost half of their mercenaries had been left in Mount Ku Luo.


From the thousands of people previously, only less than one thousand mercenaries had escaped. The number of losses was almost the same as the current number of people alive.


All the mercenary corps except for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps suffered a huge loss this time.



Vicious Wolf looked at the losses of others, and he was secretly scared. Their leader’s decision before was simply too decisive, or else, the ones crying right now would be them.


"Leader, Huo Xiao, that little guy, didn’t come back." Vicious Wolf looked around but did not see the figure of that little drag. He couldn’t help but worry.


In the face of the Phoenixes’ might, they, the big men, were already overwhelmed, so what more a little guy like him? Although that little kid’s brain was extremely good, he was still a kid! Vicious Wolf was very concerned about Shen Yanxiao’s safety.

Vicious Wolf:  No matter what, he’s still a kid! What if he met a ferocious beast? Or he met a demon? Oh God, please don’t tell me he died...

Du Lang: When I said protect him, I didn’t mean you should start acting like his mother!

Shen Yanxiao: I can already see your future from him, Vermillion Bird.

Little Phoenix: Chirp~!

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