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Shen Yanxiao nodded then narrowed her eyes at Vermillion Bird.


"Do you dare say that it isn’t because of you? The little Phoenix came out three days in advance, are you not the cause?"


Vermillion Bird shrunk his neck. Although he was arrogant, he wouldn’t be so unreasonable. And now that the facts were laid before him, he could not to be so evasive.




He really didn’t want to look after this child!


"Chirp~?" The little Phoenix lying on Vermillion Bird’s head felt the fluctuations of his emotions. It was ignorant about its "family" not liking its own intimacy, but as if to comfort Vermillion Bird, he rubbed Vermillion Bird’s head with his own small furry head.


"... ..." Vermillion Bird’s face became even uglier.


"This matter already rolled this way, so as a Mythological Beast, how can you avoid the responsibility!? Are you saying that as an ancient beast, you don’t even have the most basic sense of responsibility?" Shen Yanxiao redoubled her efforts.


Vermillion Bird had a bitter face. Shen Yanxiao’s questions hit the bullseye. He couldn’t care less about anything else, but he cared very much about his dignity as an ancient Mythological Beast.


Shen Yanxiao brought up the things he cared about the most, so he simply couldn’t refute anymore.


"Bring it, bring it...  You’re being so vicious. No matter what, I am your magical beast, okay. For such a tiny guy, you are being vicious towards me. Have you no conscience as my master at all?" Vermillion glanced at Shen Yanxiao with an aggrieved look.  He had never seen such a master who stretched her elbows outward[1]!


[1]  means somebody who helps another person, instead of the one who is closer to themselves


But when Vermillion Bird remembered that Shen Yanxiao had taken a great risk to rush to his side before, his proud heart produced a trace of warmth.


Well, though his master was black bellied and unscrupulous, and she often enslaved him, at least she knew how to defend him.




Fine, for the sake of what she just did a moment ago, he wouldn’t be reluctant to bring this junior anymore!


Vermillion Bird found a very decent excuse to compromise.


He didn’t agree because of Shen Yanxiao’s fierce tone, absolutely not!


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. Vermillion Bird’s compromise made everything simple.


The two Phoenixes were also relieved.


"I don’t know what conditions you need for the nests, but I have a good place to introduce to you." Shen Yanxiao suddenly thought of a very suitable place for the Phoenixes to live in.


Vermillion Bird’s heart was alarmed, and an ominous foreboding rose within it.


The male Phoenix smiled and said, "The most important thing about the place where we'll live in is that it should be hidden and secured, with plenty of fire elements, and it should be the best place to live away from human beings, that’s all."


The fire elements had originated from the natural elemental force between heaven and earth. Wanting to find a place that had enough for their use was not easy, not to mention that Long Xuan Empire had a dense population. Much of the most abundant elements had been drawn into the irrigated area by humans. It was hard to avoid looking for a pure land.


Shen Yanxiao smiled and quickly said, "Then, let me tell you a place that should be very much in line with your request. In the center of Long Xuan Empire, there is a valley called Lava Valley, where the fire elements are not worse than Mount Ku Luo’s, and it is a forbidden land of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Aside from the Vermillion Bird Clan’s members, no one else is allowed to enter.”


When he heard the words ‘Lava Valley,’ Vermillion Bird almost jumped up and grabbed his master’s neck.


This fellow should not be so shameless, actually giving his nest to two silly birds!


And even in front of him!


She wasn’t worried about his feelings at all!


When the two Phoenixes heard about the place from Shen Yanxiao, their eyes immediately lit up.


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