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The two Phoenixes were now facing Vermillion Bird whose level was the same as theirs, so this problem was very difficult. If it were another person who had encountered such good things, they probably would have immediately agreed without raising any objections.


The Phoenixes’ child —that was a ready-class Mythological Beast, ah. In this world, who didn’t want to have such a valiant magical beast?


Only Vermillion Bird, this ancient Mythological Beast, could be so unsympathetic to a child of the same kind.


The male Phoenix and female Phoenix awkwardly looked at Vermillion Bird. The biggest reason why they wanted to give the little Phoenix to Shen Yanxiao was because of the little Phoenix’s intimacy towards Vermillion Bird. So if Vermillion Bird wouldn’t agree, they were only afraid that things were going to be difficult.


They could only pin their hopes on Shen Yanxiao's body.


"I know that it is indeed a very difficult task for you to help us take care of our young son, but right now we have no other alternative. If you are willing to help us look after our young son, we can promise that if you have a need of us in the future, we will agree to one of your request. As long as we can do it, we'll do it, " the male Phoenix sincerely said. The little Phoenix was too fragile now, and they were afraid to take it with them while they were looking for a new nest.


The Phoenix's promise was indeed very tempting. Shen Yanxiao was also rather excited. In fact, even if the Phoenix didn’t say that, she had also intended to let Vermillion Bird take the little Phoenix. Although the little Phoenix was still very weak, in the future it would certainly be a Mythological Beast that would shock the world. Shen Yanxiao lacked power the most right now. If she were to accept the little Phoenix, not only would she have one more protection in the future, she could also ask a favor from the male Phoenix and female Phoenix.


After the Phoenix had promised such a great advantage, if Shen Yanxiao still refused now, then she must be a fool.


Mythological Beast and whatnot, the more the better, and the more she wouldn’t be in trouble.


"Vermillion Bird, this matter is your problem. You say, is it fine to go and poke other people's egg? Although the little Phoenix was about to break from its shell before, if the fire elements in your body didn’t cause its early birth, how could it treat you as its family? If not because you made it hatch ahead of time, the Phoenixes will not have come back so quickly, and I will have been able to get out with the Inflammation Grass. The misunderstanding just now wouldn’t have happened. Not only did you rob the parents of its privileges,  but you also destroyed others’ nests, so do you still think you shouldn’t take any responsibility?" Shen Yanxiao’s arms were folded on her chest. Quite displeased, she stared at Vermillion Bird. More than half the reason of today's matter was caused by Vermillion Bird’s sudden curiosity; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many eventful things.


In a flash, Vermillion Bird’s arrogance was blown into bits by Shen Yanxiao. His proud face showed a rare hint of guilty conscience.


"I just casually took a look. Who knew it would actually jump out directly." He was very wrong. Although he had been living for thousands of years now, he had never seen a chick of the same kind. Rarely seeing an egg involuntarily piqued some of his curiosity, making him want to see what the egg of the magical beast looked like.


However, he didn’t expect that that little Phoenix would actually came out so opportunely.


Vermillion Bird was very clear that there weren’t anything wrong in Shen Yanxiao's words. The fire elements in his body were even more powerful than the two Phoenixes’, so after the Phoenix egg had withstood his fire elements, they indeed accelerated its formation.


Shen Yanxiao had an "I know it" expression on her face, then she turned to ask the Phoenix.


"When was the little Phoenix supposed to break out of its shell?"


The male Phoenix said, "According to the previous situation, we have calculated that our young son should be born in three days."



Shen Yanxiao nodded then narrowed her eyes at Vermillion Bird.


"Do you dare say that it isn’t because of you? The little Phoenix came out three days in advance, are you not the cause?"


Vermillion Bird shrunk his neck. Although he was arrogant, he wouldn’t be so unreasonable. And now that the facts were laid before him, he could not to be evasive.




He really didn’t want to look after this child!



Vermillion Bird: What did I do to get this? If I only knew this would happen I would have stop that crazy bastard master of mine from going in here.

Shen Yanxiao: What do you mean what did you did? You ruined the nest and cause the baby to hatch earlier than expected!

Vermillion Bird: Hmp! I hope karma would bite you back!

Sky: It would.

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