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"..." Shen Yanxiao did not respond for a time.


What was that again?


They would give her the little Phoenix to take care of it for a while?


Shen Yanxiao did not know that the reason why the Phoenixes made such a decision was because they were also helpless.


The adult Phoenix was powerful, but the little Phoenix had just been born not too long ago and had no power yet. It would require 100% careful protection of its parents during this time.


Generally, before the child was about to be born, the Phoenix would find a very safe place to wait for the birth of the little Phoenix. They had originally set up Mount Ku Luo to be the place where they would breed the little Phoenix, but they did not think that they would unexpectedly suffer from humans’ disturbances one after another. If not because the Phoenix egg hadn’t been born yet, they would have long left this place.


Staying in Mount Ku Luo really was not a good choice. The little Phoenix was now born, but it didn’t mean that those who had ill intentions would give up the idea of stealing it.


The nests had been destroyed, and rebuilding their nests would take some time. This period was too dangerous for the newborn Phoenix.


The two Phoenixes had just witnessed Xiu’s power and they learned that Shen Yanxiao had a magical beast which was more powerful than them, so they started thinking of seeking help from Shen Yanxiao in looking after the little Phoenix for a period of time.


Mount Ku Luo had been exposed, and they absolutely couldn’t stay in here anymore.


Looking for a new lair was an unknown journey. They feared that the little Phoenix couldn’t stand the wind and rain. The strength of that mysterious man on the other hand was so tyrannical. If they could ask the young person before them to help take care of the Little Phoenix, they believed no one could hurt their child.


And most importantly ...


The little phoenix now seemed to treat Vermillion Bird as his own family. They were afraid that if both of them risked to take it away, not only would the little one not accept the fact that they were its own biological parents. It would instead be hostile to them because of its instincts.


[Raz-P: Poor mama and papa. ಥ_ಥ ]


Therefore, the two Phoenixes had to make such a choice.


They would just wait for some time until the little Phoenix had slightly developed a mentality, and after they had found a really safe place to reside in, they would then take it back. This was the method satisfying both sides.


Shen Yanxiao was surprised by the Phoenixes’ request. She knew how important the little Phoenix was to the two Phoenixes. At the same time, she understood well the greedy nature of human beings. She knew that the people in black would still continue to use other ways after not being able to succeed this time around.


The Phoenixes’ decision was safe.




Shen Yanxiao silently turned to look at Vermillion Bird. The little Phoenix was not really attached to her, but to him.




Looking at Vermillion Bird’s livid face, Shen Yanxiao didn’t need to ask to know that the young master didn’t want to take care of the little Phoenix at all.


If not for the fact that he had lost to the two Phoenixes before, she feared that he would have  thrown the little Phoenix back.


But where else could it jump to other than his head?


"I disagree! Absolutely disagree!" Vermilion Bird immediately jumped out to protest against it.


Shen Yanxiao looked at Vermillion Bird in a fit of bad temper, and she was quite helpless.


The Phoenixes saw Vermillion Bird’s objection and immediately said in tears, "Little brother, I know you are not happy, but young son really likes you. It’s fine to take care of it for just some time. After we find a new nest, we will pick it up. "


"Who is your little brother! I am older than the two of you together! I don’t agree, don’t agree! I don’t want to take care of such a small thing," Vermillion Bird still protested in the end. There was already his idiot master whom he had been very tired of. After being given such a young chick, he could not imagine how tragic his future days would be.


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