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"Be careful." Shen Yanxiao also didn't say any more nonsense. After giving him a warning, she immediately moved and hid herself in the jungle.


Any words at this time seemed too sentimental. Vermillion Bird was at a disadvantage against a pair of Phoenixes. If she insisted on staying there and kept on worrying about not going away, she was afraid that she would only become his burden.


Seeing that Shen Yanxiao had obediently hidden herself in the forest, Vermillion Bird then looked up to the two huge Phoenixes, and the outline of his mouth formed a proud smile.


"Just a Phoenix. I, Vermillion Bird, from birth to present have not been afraid of anyone. You can come at me together; let's see if you have the ability!" The soft and immature voice was mixed with total aggressiveness. The moment his voice landed, a strong light burst out from Vermillion Bird's body. That gathered light rays enlarged infinitely and gradually formed a huge firebird in the sky.


The light faded, and a huge firebird burning in flames appeared in the sky to confront the two Phoenixes.


The three Mythological Beasts caused a wave of vibrations in Mount Ku Luo. The magical beasts in the whole Mount Ku Luo felt the three powerful forces, and they all hid in their own nests, trembling. They did not dare take even just half a step.


Such a formidable confrontation wasn't something these ordinary magical beasts could participate in.


The Mythological Beasts' might was enough to make all the magical beasts submit to them!


In the sky, three huge fire-colored figures intertwined in an instant. Countless fires were moving around, and the splashes of flames engulfed every direction of the jungle.


In the blink of an eye, the entire summit of Mount Ku Luo was drowned in a sea of fire.


On the mountainside, those mercenaries who had escaped were scared silly by everything in their sight.


They originally thought the Phoenix was already an extreme existence, but they did not expect that in Mount Ku Luo, another Mythological Beast with might that was comparable to the Phoenix's strength would suddenly appear.


They were some distance away from the summit of Mount Ku Luo, so they could only vaguely see that the one fighting against the Phoenixes was a huge firebird. They couldn't see its real appearance.


"Three Mythological Beasts. God, what is Mount Ku Luo in the end? How come there are so many Mythological Beasts here!" All the people had gone crazy. They were unable to escape and could only stupidly stand in place while watching the battle between Mythological Beasts which only happened once in a blue moon.


Du Lang's hand started to tremble slightly. A startling idea emerged from his heart.


Huo Xiao's departure and the emergence of the firebird. He felt that there must be some connection between the two.


Above the mountain, Vermillion Bird and the Phoenixes were in the midst of a fight, and a large expanse of flames flashed all around.


Shen Yanxiao was avoiding the falling flames while watching the fierce battle in the sky.


While fighting one against two, Vermillion Bird unexpectedly did not fall behind. Every attack of the two Phoenixes was unexpectedly dissolved by him one by one.


Standing at the same place, Shen Yanxiao had been able to sense the powerful strength of the three Mythological Beasts that each of them was trying to resist, and such strength was no longer in her power to intervene.


'Vermillion Bird cannot engage in a long fight against the Phoenixes. He is still injured. Although it seems he doesn’t know his place right now, if the battle gets prolonged, I'm afraid Vermillion Bird will soon be wounded by the two Phoenixes,' Xiu's cold voice sounded in Shen Yanxiao's mind, bringing her a terrible news.


"Vermillion Bird is injured?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised for a moment. She had signed a contract with Vermillion Bird for so long, but she never found out that Vermillion Bird's body had injuries. But Xiu would not resolutely say these for no reason.



'Well, when the Vermillion Bird took his human form, he should have had an adult appearance, but nowadays his form is actually that of a child. It shows that his strength had been severely damaged long ago. That’s why he can only reduce his power to treat his injuries,’  Xiu said.


The hundred years of slumber was not for no reason.


Hearing this information, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but let out a cold sweat for Vermillion Bird. Although the strength of the two Phoenixes couldn’t be compared to Vermillion Bird’s, both complemented each other and had the mutual understanding that surpassed all the other magical beasts’ by far. They knew when to advance or retreat and to attack or defend, tying down Vermilion Bird stubbornly.



Shen Yanxiao: *Cold Sweat* So that’s why you look like a small child.

Sky: Wait, you mean this is just a temporary appearance? Then what should I do with this gifs of little boys? Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ

Sky: And I couldn’t think of you as an adult!

Shen Yanxiao: That’s true. It’s hard to imagine if he became an adult…

Sky: oho, maybe like this. I should get more gif of Flambo then.


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