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"Why are you so curious about that Archer?" another person in black asked puzzledly. Before, the main leader was still quite dismissive of Du Lang even though he was at the peak of Senior profession. So how come he was suddenly curious about this archer?


The main leader said, “You don’t understand, but as a fellow Archer, I can see it very clearly. No matter how you look at those ten arrows, it could be said to be shockingly outstanding. When I was at the level of Senior Archer, even I absolutely couldn’t shoot such a beautiful blow.”


To shoot ten arrows at once and hit the bullseye —how powerful and arrogant was that!


The leader himself was also an Archer —an Archer who was even stronger than a Senior Archer. But in his opinion, if he had still been at the level of Senior Archer right now, he wouldn’t have been able to stand on an even ground with that Archer.


"Although he is only at the peak of Senior Archer right now, it is only the current limit of his dou qi. As far as his archery skills are concerned, they can be compared with the Advanced Archers’. So I'm pretty sure that this man's talent and strength are far more than Du Lang’s. In the end, Du Lang’s strength comes from his vigorous dou qi, but an Archer’s strength lies in their skills. Dou qi can be determined, but skills cannot be grasped. A man with an exquisite skill can even jump the ranks to cope with a more powerful opponent. That's the importance of skills to the Archers." The main leader wasn't stingy in giving high regards to Archers. In his eyes, one could even see a trace of fanaticism.


He could ignore Du Lang, but he was already raising an idea to draw this genius Archer over to their side.


“Based on our current speed, we should be able to reach the Phoenix’s nest this evening. Although we should take the opportunity to complete the task, we should also pay attention whether there is such a genius Archer among those mercenaries. If there is a chance, I want to invite such a person to join our team very much," the main leader firmly said.


No matter how high the main leader's evaluation of the Archer was, and no matter how astonished a certain mercenary head was with the Archer, they were in fact both wrong.


A grave mistake!


What Senior Archer!? What peak strength!?


If Shen Yanxiao were to hear that her random shot had actually led to the astonished reactions of two forces, she would have already split her sides from laughing.


In reality, Shen Yanxiao's current attainments in the Archer path had only reached the peak of Intermediate level. There was still a little distance from the Senior Archer. But the Warlock's ability to lock on a target brought an unexpected effect in her shooting, causing the other two forces to arrive at such inconceivable judgments.


However, Shen Yanxiao was unaware of all of this. She was just lurking in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ side as they advanced toward the summit of Mount Ku Luo.


As they get closer and closer to the top of the mountain, the temperature in the entire Mount Ku Luo also increased. On both sides of the jungle, faintly visible hot heat waves were rising up from the bottom of the ground, and the fire elements gushed forth and spread throughout the forest.


A hint of red light shrouded the top of the mountain, and everyone became excited when their eyes caught a glimpse of that red glow.


They were finally be able to see their goal —the legendary magical beast that had disappeared for hundreds of years— the Phoenix!


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