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Several were happy and several were worried. Those mercenary heads who had sent out their men yesterday felt like they were in the coldest time of the year at this moment. And at one side, those who did not send out their people were taking pleasures in others’ misfortune.


However, this was only the beginning. After they had finished putting up everything in order again, they would move towards the summit of Mount Ku Luo and towards the legendary Phoenix.


At the employers' side, the performance of these mercenaries had been seen with their eyes. And not one mercenary was aware that the way the main leader looked at them was filled with extreme disgust and contempt.


"This group of good-for-nothings still have the nerves to call themselves mercenaries. They simply do not know what a mercenary is."


A man clad in black also had a look of displeasure, “This bunch of idiots really think that we don't know they sent their men to sneak out of the camp yesterday. Being hired mercenaries, they actually dared to sneak around to do their personal work in the middle of a mission. They really ruin the image of mercenaries. The quality of Long Xuan empire’s mercenaries is really poor."


They were all very clear about the mercenaries who had secretly left yesterday. But they didn't intend to rely on these trashes to deal with the Phoenix, so they just turned a blind eye to all of it.


The main leader humphed coldly and said, "Everything last night will serve as a lesson to this group of idiots. When did Mount Ku Luo become a comfortable place? If not for the fact that Black City is the only unregulated zone in the entire Long Xuan Empire, I wouldn't have chosen such a bunch of trash as a shield."


"You fear that someone from the God’s Domain will hear the news..." the man clad in black hinted.


The main leader nodded and lowered his voice, "If it were not for the God's Domain intervention, why would I find Black City's mercenaries? If not for the contract between the four major countries, I could have just directly pulled our people to do the killing, even if they can hardly damage the Phoenix. The God's Domain has been observing the Phoenix, so if they found out that we made a move, we will surely be punished by the four countries' contract. At that time, our gains will not make up for our losses.”


Having said that, the main leader seemed to think of something. He whispered, "By the way, did you find out who's the Archer who had attacked the ten mercenaries last night?”


Last night, they knew that a few mercenaries intended to leave during the night. But they didn't expect that they would smell a faint scent of blood shortly after. When they looked for the smell of blood, they saw the ten mercenaries nailed onto a thick trunk. An arrow pierced into each person, and the arrows in the ten people were in the same exact location. Clearly, it was done by the same person.


Strangely enough, the ten men seemed to be attacked at the same time, and no one even resisted and made the slightest sound. It was quite obvious that they were shot at the same time.


But to shoot ten arrows and hit each target simultaneously accurately in the blink of an eye was something really amazing.


The man clad in black shook his head and somewhat regretfully said, "We haven't found him yet. The ten mercenaries were taken away by their head. I was afraid that they would discover me, so I didn't continue to follow them."


The main leader slightly frowned and said, "It seems to me that that Archer's strength has reached the peak of the Senior Archer. However, before I came here, I had investigated all the mercenaries from the Black City's mercenary corps. Aside from the Senior Archers of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, there was only one other corps with an Archer who had just broken through to Senior level. But these people still had a long way to reach the peak of Senior Archer. The person last night was certainly not them."

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