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Nevermind an ordinary Archer, even for an Intermediate Archer, it would still be difficult to achieve such a terrible attack power and accuracy. Only a Senior Archer and above could do such a thing.




That drag was only thirteen years old, ah!


How could that brat be a Senior Archer?


A thirteen-year-old Senior Archer —who would believe it!


The mercenary head shook his head, not because he did not trust his own men, but he found this thing too unacceptable.


"This matter shouldn’t be said to others. Last night, except for the ten of you, you can’t say this to anyone else. Perhaps it was a good thing that you didn’t successfully leave last night.”


"Ah, good thing?" A few mercenaries didn’t quite understand and looked at their head.


"You’ve already seen it. Those mercenaries in other mercenary corps had accidentally provoked three mid-level magical beasts. Although the road we had walked on to go to the mountain was stable, from today’s situation, I’m afraid that is just but an appearance. Yesterday, the number of mercenaries that had secretly left wasn’t small, but how many came back now? I’m afraid that we’ve wrongly calculated; this Mount Ku Luo is not as simple as we’ve previously thought.” The head couldn’t help but secretly be glad that fortunately these few people were unable to successfully leave the camp; otherwise, he was afraid that a lot of them would have been missing by this morning.


With the magical beasts’ rampage this morning, although the employer didn’t say anything on the surface, all the mercenary heads were now aware that they were very clear about their thoughts.


The camp that had been devastated by the rhinoceros horned beasts finally returned to peace. The leaders who were expecting their mercenaries to gain some extra money last night were now less optimistic.


For the three mid-level magical beasts to casually pop out, who knew how many terrible creatures were there, lurking in the dark.


At this moment, the mercenary heads secretly prayed that the mercenaries they had sent out would come back and there wouldn’t be any accident that would occur.


Unfortunately, as time passed by, there wasn’t anymore mercenary that had returned to camp successfully.


Yesterday, more than a hundred mercenaries who had secretly left were now quietly buried in the wild forest of Mount Ku Luo.


That night, more than a hundred people died silently. This had undoubtedly become a wake-up call to these mercenary heads who had put down their vigilance; if yesterday they thought that Mount Ku Luo was a safe place, then starting this morning, they associated this seemingly calm mountain with what the rumors had said.


All the mercenary heads had come to the same understanding, and they didn’t mention the matter of mercenaries secretly leaving. With a huge boulder crushing onto everyone’s hearts, they were all depressed endlessly.


Shen Yanxiao noticed the strange atmosphere in the camp.


"It seems that those mercenaries haven’t come back. Those mercenaries who have managed to escape this morning are lucky,” Du Lang whispered as he glanced thoughtfully at Shen Yanxiao.  


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows and looked at the calm face of Du Lang. No one in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps left the camp yesterday, so it could be said that last night, the one with fewest losses was none other than Du Lang who handled matters quite reliable.


"Good luck and bad luck also depend on one’s own strength and eyesight; otherwise, a reckless act can end one’s life helplessly.” Last night, she had witnessed the tragic ends of the several mercenaries at the demons’ mouths. Perhaps most of the missing mercenaries were now already in the demon’s stomach.


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