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Although her Archer and Warlock's strength had reached the Intermediate level profession, it was really nothing compared to such a powerful creature.


Xiu should have already determined the other party's strength, but he didn’t allow her to make a move. Instead he let herself to calmly wait and observe?


Although she didn’t know what Xiu’s exact plan was, Shen Yanxiao trusted this ally very much. She would not suspect that Xiu was deliberately entrapping her into her own death. After all, she feared that once she died, Xiu would follow her into “martyrdom”.


Shen Yanxiao didn’t fear this higher demon with this level of thinking.


Her eyes were as calm as water as it unobtrusively looked up and down at this demon which was said to be a powerful existence.


The bewitching juvenile looked at the little fellow in his hand with astonishment. Even if this kid's guts were so big, it was absolutely impossible to be so calm. Did she not see that the color of his eyes was different?


The lower demons not faraway seemed to have felt something. They suddenly stopped eating and quickly moved towards the direction of the two people.


The edges of those demons’ mouths were stained with a wide expanse of scarlet, and their sharp teeth were exposed to the air as they rushed over toward the tree while roaring.


They sensed something —some unusually powerful breath that was too tempting for them.


But these demons, who were rushing over at the moment, didn’t know that they would usher in a real nightmare.


They had just come near the huge tree when the bewitching juvenile standing on the branch impatiently swept them a glance. With one hand, he bound Shen Yanxiao into his bosom before issuing a deep but unusually stirring roar towards that group of restless demons.


That voice was not like a beast's roar, but it still made people’s hearts feel cold. Following that hissing roar, an invisible impact spread out to the demons around the bewitching juvenile.


In the blink of an eye, those demons were hit by a powerful force and flew onto the tree. They wailed as they fell to the ground. But none of them dared to make another slight movement. Their bodies were all trembling and curled up on the ground; it was as if they had met the things they generally feared. Those demons from before which were completely cruel and without mercy were now like frightened quails in shock.


The bewitching juvenile watched the group of frightened lower demons with satisfaction, then he stretched out his hand and poked at the little face of his booty.


He could wander around here as he wished, and he was simply dismissive of those humans who had been swallowed up by his companions. Although that kind of coarse meat could fill up his belly, he found it hard to swallow. Only, he didn't expect that he would actually find an interesting human here. Not only did she watch his own kind being devoured by the demons, she also had that calm appearance even after seeing him. It was seriously interesting.


Previously, as he was approaching Shen Yanxiao, he had discovered that there was an extremely tempting breath in this human being.  Although it was hidden by some other things, it still could not escape the sensitive sense of smell of the higher demons. This sweet smell was simply the best among humans.


Even if the interesting aspect of this human being was removed, just this smell was enough to make any demons crazy.


And this bewitching juvenile, to some extent, was attracted by this sweet smell.


"Little fellow, how come you are so fragrant? For a long time, I have not met such a delicious human smell." The bewitching youth greedily sniffed at Shen Yanxiao's neck.


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