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However, the next instant, he became sober again. He looked surprised at Shen Yanxiao, then he swept a look around.


"Did you just say that there are very strong fire elements in that mountain? No wonder I fell asleep; I felt that familiar fire element and thought of the Lava Valley. It was so comfortably warm it made me want to sleep." It was very boring to be unable to roam outside everyday; however, it was also hard for the Mythological Beasts to sleep again once they were awakened. They could be around for hundreds of years even without resting, and they could also fall into a deep slumber for hundreds of years continuously without waking up. But to make the Mythological Beast fall asleep, the elements around them must be sufficient for their needs, so they would not casually find a place to sleep.


Mythological Beasts’ deep slumber wasn't for resting; rather, it was for cultivation. Even if they were deeply asleep, sleeping in a place with a dense elements would make their bodies automatically absorb the elements surrounding them to cultivate their own power.


Vermillion Bird investigated and found that the facts were indeed as Shen Yan Xiao had said — the fire elements here were quite abundant.


"Strangely enough, this is really a good place full of fire elements, and these fire elements are unexpectedly purer than my Lava Valley’s. How could I not have found such a good place?" Vermillion Bird was very depressed. He thought that the Lava Valley was already very good, but he didn’t expect that he would incredibly discover a better place right now.


Unfortunately, this place was obviously already owned by someone else.


"Can you perceive the rank of the fire magical beast in that mountain? Will it be higher than your rank?" Shen Yanxiao asked.


Vermillion Bird thought for a bit then said, "According to the amount of elements, there is indeed a more powerful fire magical beast than me, but... Holy Beasts had already been exterminated during the war between gods and demons, and currently in this world, one shouldn't be able to find one anymore."


As Shen Yanxiao listened to Vermillion Bird, her heart couldn't help but be alarmed.


Before, she had only predicted that the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo was in the same level as Vermillion Bird, but now, Vermillion Bird actually said that the Phoenix there was stronger than himself?


Vermillion Bird was in the peak of Mythological Beast, and it was known that only a Holy Beast could be stronger than him.

"Can it be that the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo is a Phoenix that had been reborn?" Shen Yanxiao at this time wasn't optimistic. There was a huge disparity in strength between high level magical beast and Mythological Beast, so there should also be a huge disparity between Mythological Beast and Holy Beast. If the Phoenix was only at the level of Mythological Beast, then she could still at least rely on Vermillion Bird to resist one or two of them, but if it was a Holy Beast Phoenix, she was afraid that even Vermillion Bird also had to escape from it.

Vermillion Bird wrinkled his brows into a frown. He felt something wasn't right.

But his perception wasn't wrong. The fire elements in Mount Ku Luo were indeed more powerful than the ones he emitted.

As one person and one beast pondered, Xiu's figure slowly appeared in front of the two.

Upon seeing Xiu, Vermillion Bird immediately hid his uneasiness and turned into his proud and pampered state.

Although these two guys were both residing in Shen Yanxiao's body, they actually didn't get along well.

Correctly speaking, Vermillion Bird had always had a strong hostility towards this mysterious man named Xiu.

As for Xiu...

Vermillion Bird or whatnot, he just directly disregarded everything.

"Although a Phoenix at the Holy Beast level is rare, it can’t be completely said that they don't exist anymore. Only, I felt that the power is strange. But you don't have to worry too much right now; just proceed forward and quietly observe the changes in the surroundings," Xiu's cold voice resounded. He had been living inside Shen Yanxiao's body, and he could understand Shen Yanxiao's inner fluctuations. He might not be able to detect her thoughts, but he could feel the changes in her mood.


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