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Chapter 327 - Treasure Hunting in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse (2)

"You actually dared to underestimate me! Who said I can’t identify medicinal herbs?! Let me tell you, these herbs here can’t even enter my discerning eyes! What Reishi Mushroom or Snow Lotus Herb? These precious medicinal herbs in your human eyes are simply just a mere snacks that I eat!”

It was too much! Not only did this little human abused him, she even dared to question his power!

If this could be tolerated, what couldn’t?!

"If it’s just finding medicinal herbs, then you just need to wait a minute and I will give you the best medicinal herb you can find in this place!”

Right after he finished talking, Vermillion Bird immediately flew up. He floated around the top of the medicinal herb cabinets.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at Vermillion Bird’s small figure that was flying around the Pharmaceutical Storehouse.

Vermillion Bird's temperament was really very simple, making her felt like it wasn’t an accomplishment at all, ah!

She didn’t think in the slightest bit that there was something wrong in bullying a Mythological Beast. With Vermillion Bird’s help, Shen Yanxiao was just happily and leisurely wandering around the storehouse.  

At most, she would just give a quick glance at the herbs at each side before noting that they were not that special.

The reward for the Pharmaceutical Branch Competition might look tempting, but in reality, this was just to challenge the individual’s abilities.

In this huge storehouse, there were ten thousands different kinds of medicinal herbs. It would take a lot of patience and luck to find the real good things especially when you only have one afternoon of time.

The reason why Shangguan Xiao was so persistent in continuously participating in the competition was most likely because he hadn’t seen all the medicinal herbs in this whole storehouse yet.

Shen Yanxiao continuously looked around the several medicinal herb cabinets near the storehouse’s entrance for a short while before she proceeded into the deepest part of the pharmaceutical storehouse.

Based on her experience as a thief, good things were always hidden in the deepest corner in general. The medicinal herbs in front were just mostly ordinary things that one could casually buy in a medicinal herb shop.

Shen Yanxiao immediately walked towards the deepest part of the Pharmaceutical Storehouse.

As she move forward, she also noticed the changes in the name tags on top of each medicinal herb cabinets on each side. Most of these herbs were used in concocting an intermediate level potion.

It seemed that her speculation wasn’t wrong.

After a while, Shen Yanxiao finally reached the top of the Pharmaceutical Storehouse where there were only a few wooden cabinets placed.

Shen Yanxiao walked toward a cabinet and quickly looked at the name of the herbs before her.

However, even though these medicinal herbs were more expensive than those medicinal herbs she had passed by, they were still far from what Shen Yanxiao expected it to be.

"Strange, such a big pharmaceutical storehouse, yet I can't even find a few medicinal herbs worthy to be displayed,”Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned.

It wasn’t a surprise that these herbs which were very precious to other pharmacists, in her eyes, were only "better to be kept under the table [1]".

This couldn’t be blamed on her. Because with her financial resources, as long as she throw out the money, she could obtain these kinds of medicinal herbs. She was looking for those treasures that couldn't even bought with money.


Helplessly, Shen Yanxiao could only continue searching.

Shen Yanxiao doubt that it was her own speculation which had a problem. Fortunately, the Vermillion Bird over there had found something.

"Hey, smelly girl, what kind of medicinal herbs are you even looking for? I found that some medicinal herbs in the cabinets in all four corners of this room were somewhat different from others, you might want to look over there.” The Vermillion Bird, at an astonishing speed, had already finished looking around the whole Pharmaceutical Storehouse. Have to say that in terms of searching for herbs, beasts had a natural advantage. They could use their nose and smell the fragrance of the medicinal herb to find the best herb in the shortest possible time. This ability couldn’t be compared to anyone.

[1] too inferior/nothing special

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