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Chapter 319 - Fake Death Potion (3)

Pu Lisi understood that even though this potion was only considered as an intermediate level potion, its effects was absolutely comparable to high level potions.

After Pu Lisi break away from that memory, he looked extremely shocked at the bottle of purple potion in his hands; his old eyes were full of astonishment.

How could this be!

How could this brat concoct a Fake Death Potion?!

It must be known that although this potion was an intermediate level potion, the concoction process of it was extremely harsh. The person must first concoct two different potions at the same time, and after completing them, that person must then use a very strong crepis grass as a medium to mix these two potions together.

Two different potions...

And then a crepis grass ...

Pu Lisi gasped and stared at the side where Shen Yanxiao was. He was practically wishing that he could use his eyes to burn two holes into her body.

Before, he had ridiculed her when he thought that Shen Yanxiao mistook crepis grass for another medicinal herb.

But now, it seemed that she didn’t make a mistake!

Her goal, since from the very beginning, was to pick a crepis grass!

After that, she concocted two different potions at the same time, which he had even witnessed right before his eyes. Even if Pu Lisi didn’t want to believe it, he could only accept the facts laid before him.

Shen Yanxiao had truly concocted a Fake Death Potion!

This child who had just been in school for less than six month, and a mere thirteen-year-old stinking brat at that, had actually managed to concoct such a potion!

This was simply inconceivable.

Actually, it wasn’t too difficult to concoct two different potions, but the dose of each potion should undergo some changes, and determining the parts that needed a change was the most difficult part in concocting a Fake Death Potion.

Just a little bit of bad control and it would fail.

But the color of this bottle of Fake Death Potion in his hands was pure and no different from Ye Qing’s own potion.

Pu Lisi took a deep breath and stared at Shen Yanxiao.

How could this little demon have such a great skill! Not only did she managed to create Ye Qing’s Fake Death Potion that still wasn’t announced in public, she even managed to do it perfectly!

And as far as he remembered, she just entered the library last week ago!

Yet in just a week, she actually managed to learn a potion that could be said to be the pinnacle of intermediate level potions. This was just crazy!

"Master Pu Lisi?" Pu Lisi’s breathing became so frightening that the mentors at the side needed to carefully ask him.

Pu Lisi coldy humphed before he handed the Fake Death Potion to the mentor. He then looked at the direction where Shen Yanxiao was.

"You won this competition!"


Everyone was dumbfounded by Pu Lisi’s remark.

What was this situation?

After inspecting the potion that Shen Yanxiao concocted, how could Pu Lisi suddenly announce that Shen Yanxiao won the competition?

What exactly was going on here? What did Shen Yanxiao concoct in the end that even Shangguan Xiao’s Deep Magic Potion couldn’t be compared to it?

"Master Pu Lisi, what's going on here?" At the side where the mentors were, two people who were unable to make sense of anything asked.

Pu Lisi sullenly said, "This kid had just concocted Master Ye Qing’s newly invented potion, Fake Death Potion. This is a high-ranked potion among all the powerful intermediate level potions!”

Although unwilling to admit it, Pu Lisi had to recognize Shangguan Xiao's failure this time.

Even though the Deep Magic Potion was powerful, compared to Fake Death Potion, the distance between them was completely far away!

"Master Ye Qing’s... new... potion?" At this moment, the tone of the mentors had changed.

Who was Ye Qing? Shen Yanxiao could actually concoct Ye Qing’s new potion that he had researched?

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