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Chapter 306 - Sharp-eyed and Deft-handed (2)

This wasn’t just a test of their eyesight and smell, this was also a test of their knowledge of medicinal herbs to the point of no flaws!

For some time, all the participating students were in a bad mood.

Shen Yanxiao slowly went to where the medicinal herbs were. Looking at those similar medicinal herbs mixed together, she raised an eyebrow.

A lot of medicinal herbs only differed a little from each other. This test was just like Lou De’s test during her entrance exam.

However, even the smallest difference was still a difference. It would usually depend on the diligence of the person in paying attention to details to know which was the right one.

As soon as her second seal was unlocked, Shen Yanxiao’s memory had reached the level of photographic. She could remember things easily and could see the small differences immediately.


Adding to the times that she was studying under Ye Qing’s teachings and also helping Ye Qing, Shen Yanxiao had refined about hundreds of different kinds of medicinal herbs daily for him. The different kinds of medicinal herbs that passed through her hands had already neared a thousand. As for the herbs needed for the particular potion she intended to concoct, she had refined them for at least four or five times.

For such a thing, if she still made a mistake, then she could just hang herself.

If others were getting a headache just from differentiating the medicinal herbs, then for Shen Yanxiao this wasn’t difficult. Putting her hands behind her back, she walked past the different kinds of medicinal herbs, looking at each of them carefully to find the herbs she needed.

At the same time, Shangguan Xiao was also not in a rush. His sharp eyes swept across the medicinal herbs. Although the mentors deliberately stacked some similar herbs together, for him this was simply nothing. On the contrary, this was more convenient for him as he would know in which area he could find the medicinal herbs that he needed.

Soon, he stopped in a place where all the purple flowers were piled up. He slightly bent down his body and took out a purple flower that had five petals from among the pile of flowers.

At the crowd, when Pu Lisi saw Shangguan Xiao’s objective, he slightly nodded feeling satisfied.

Although Shangguan Xiao wasn’t the first one to arrive, he was the first one to find the medicinal herbs that he needed. He was heading to the next herb that he needed now.  

Once Pu Lisi saw that Shangguan Xiao had no difficulty in coping, he shifted his gaze towards that little demon.

Shen Yanxiao was standing between a pile of herbs, lazily looking at each of them. She was completely in a daze, and she had a bewildered appearance.

"Stupid," Pu Lisi sneered.

What was so great about this kid? Why did Ye Qing fancy him? In the middle of the competition, this brat was even completely at a loss and couldn’t even find the herbs he needed. Surely, he couldn’t be compared to Shangguan Xiao.

Shangguan Xiao was his assistant in name only; in fact, he was actually his apprentice. Today, he appeared and accompanied Shangguan Xiao here, just to see his apprentice teach this smelly kid who made him furious unceasingly.

During the time that Pu Lisi was being proud of himself, Shen Yanxiao made a move.

First, she went in front of a pile of yellow medicinal herbs, then crouched down in the pile of medicinal herbs and rummaged around to search for something.

A moment later, from the pile of medicinal herbs, she took out a cluster of yellow grass as thick as a thumb.

Pu Lisi’s eyes squinted as he looked at the cluster of grass in Shen Yanxiao’s hands, and the corner of his mouth made a sneer.

The grass in Shen Yanxiao's hands looked like a medicinal herb that was called dusk grass. This kind of medicinal herb was sometimes used in making intermediate level potions. However, from what Pu Lisi could see, that grass in Shen Yanxiao’s hand was actually not dusk grass but a kind of medicinal herb that was quite similar to dusk grass - Crepis grass. 

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