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Chapter 301 - Competition (3)

"It’s truly pitiful that they didn’t place any bets this time, otherwise we'd have them lose even their inner garments." Tang Nazhi wasn’t the least bit pressured. This group of idiots thought they could defeat Shen Yanxiao? He was afraid that they still needed 180 years of practice before they could do it.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Tang Nazhi and said, "It turns out that you have interest in your senior’s underwear, no one can really tell, ah."

Tang Nazhi instantly blushed after hearing Shen Yanxiao teased him of taking liberties with the seniors. He angrily glared at Shen Yanxiao and said, "You’re the only one thinking of the seniors’ inner garments... Ah yuck! I’m not interested in that kind of stuff! I’m an unyielding man, and I only like those soft fragrant beauties!" She actually dared to question his sexual orientation, unforgivable!

Shen Yanxiao made a long, ‘oh’ sound.

Tang Nazhi had always discussed the various beauties of the Holy Roland School to her. Those times, he had this imposing manner like he would capture them all in one go. But till this day, she had yet to see this flirtatious young man act on his words.

"That’s enough!" Tang Nazhi couldn’t help but hit his forehead. This little girl was really too terrible!

If she weren’t a girl who still hadn’t grow up, he would have long beaten her down.

Soon, the two people laughing a lot arrived at the center of the competition area.

Despite the various eyes which were looking at her from all directions, Shen Yanxiao still continued to be calm, and ignored them as if they weren’t there.


Since they wanted to see a good show, she would let them have their fill. She was only hoping that their hearts could take such shock.

One after another, the students who had intended to participate in the competition entered. Upon seeing Shen Yanxiao, they began to give her a strange look. At the sight of Tang Nazhi beside her, their eyes began to shine  as if they were looking at a mountain of gold.

As soon as the competition started, Tang Nazhi could only helplessly leave the competition area and walk to where the other students who came to spectate were.


Shen Yanxiao was now standing alone in the competition site.

"I say little devil, the young master of the Black Tortoise Clan should be feeling good, right?" a  participating student asked as he looked at Shen Yanxiao maliciously.

"Don’t say that ah, if it weren’t for this kid, how could Tang Nazhi give us money?" Another student smiled and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

In the presence of Tang Nazhi, they couldn’t say anything, but now that Tang Nazhi was gone and had left Shen Yanxiao alone, what could they be afraid of?

In the end, he was just a freshman, so what would they worry about?

Shen Yanxiao completely ignored the ridicule of the two students while waiting for the appearance of Shangguan Xiao.

In addition to Shangguan Xiao, this group of garbage also couldn’t enter her eyes.

Ten minutes before the start of the competition, Shangguan Xiao slowly appeared in the competition area and beside him stood an impressively black-clothed old man.

Although the mentors in charge of the competition were surprised when they saw the old man, they immediately withdrew from what they were doing to greet him.

"Master Pu Lisi, how come you came in here!" Several mentors were very respectful before Pu Lisi.

After hearing the mentors addressed the old man, the students were immediately aroused,  causing them to create noise.

It had been a long time since a Master Pharmacist had left the library, yet unexpectedly he actually personally went out!


God knows how long it had been since a Master Pharmacist appeared in front of the world!

Pu Lisi coldly looked at those mentors, and then returned his sight on his side where Shangguan Xiao was and said, "You go."

Shangguan Xiao stood in front of Pu Lisi and gave him a humble salute before he went to the stadium.

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