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Chapter 282 - I refuse! (2)

Then, she didn't keep refining but gazed at the potion in the crystal bottle.

"Hmph. What you said just now was nice, so why don't you do it now?" Pu Lisi sarcastically said. Having a good grasp of the amount of Hou Core Grass powder to be added was the essence of the potion.

Shen Yanxiao turned a deaf ear to Pu Lisi's sarcasm. She just stared at the potion that was on the flames. The potion gradually warmed up, and when the first mist came out, she immediately took the Hou Core Grass powder and poured it in.

The potion, which had been added with the Hou Core Grass powder, instantly calm down and the mist that had just risen vanished without a trace.

The tranquil potion meant that the quantity that Shen Yanxiao had added was more or less just right.

Pu Lisi's mouth twitched slightly.

"Just a fluke." He consoled himself.

Ye Qing glanced at Pu Lisi and smiled.

The ingredients must be extremely accurate for each and every potion, not more or less than one. Shen Yanxiao was so precise even without the aid of any auxiliary tools. This was something that couldn't be explained by luck alone.

Ye Qing was watching Shen Yanxiao, waiting for her next moves.

After mixing the Huo Core Grass powder in, Shen Yanxiao immediately took out a Huan Yun Flower from the side where the medicinal herbs were placed. This time, she didn't need to process the Huan Yun Flower as she only took two pieces of petals to mix into the potion.

The pale pink petals melted in an instant after falling into the potion. And in the blink of an eye, it merged into the potion.

The potion didn't display any repulsion behavior. The stability of the color and luster meant that the Hou Core Grass didn't lose a tiny bit of its efficacy.

Pu Lisi's face was black.

He had said that the Huan Yun Flower would reduce Hou Core Grass’s efficacy. But now, the situation had undoubtedly slapped his face.

Shen Yanxiao had no spare of time to care about Pu Lisi’s  mood. She quickly extracted an Ice Rest Flower from the medicinal herbs and very swiftly squeezed the sap inside.

"How can you just squeeze out the sap? The Ice Rest Flower’s petals must be added directly!" Pu Lisi saw Shen Yanxiao's mistake, and he recovered the expression on his face.

Sure enough, this boy's ability was still poor.

Shen Yanxiao completely ignored Pu Lisi's words. She just continued to focus on refining the Ice Rest Flowers with her hands.

And contrary to how she'd refined the Hou Core Grass, she was very fast this time. In the blink of an eye, the Ice Rest Flower became a puddle of fluid.

That fluid was crystal clear, without any trace of impurities.

Ye Qing's expression showed a glimmer of astonishment at this moment.

To be able to refine the medicinal herbs so perfectly in such a short time, this student...

Ye Qing's eyes became serious. He looked at Shen Yanxiao’s side profile, and the emotions in his heart stirred up.

Shen Yanxiao poured the fluid from the Ice Rest Flower into the crystal bottle. When the emerald fluid dropped into the light red potion, they merged. The color of the potion also produced a glimmer of change, from the initial pale red into a vermillion color.

This time, the potion in the crystal bottle was calm as the midnight lake, without any shred of abnormalities.

The Huo Core Grass and Ice Rest Flower had been combined together perfectly. It didn't produce any repulsion!

The strong composure in Pu Lisi's face had completely shattered this time. He stared at the bottle of mild potion and didn't dare to believe his own eyes.

It took him more than a year to combine these two kinds of medicinal herbs!

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