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Chapter 225 - Chapter 225: Barren Land (2)

"To be able to successfully change that barren land, those three people must be someone not simple.” Shen Yanxiao still hadn’t seen a demon, but she had more or less heard a lot of ruthless rumors about them.

Although she was not interested in the demons, but inside these demons was the crystallic nucleus.

[TL Sky: RIP Demons, may you rest in peace or run away before this chaos. Or you could make a donation program?]

"Not only that, this three men have now become the great lords of these barren lands. And the emperor gave some special rules for these great lords, one of which is that they can ignore the existence of the imperial family and become an independent place!” Even the highly Black Tortoise Clan and their important members like Tang Nazhi didn’t have the same privilege as those highly esteemed big lords of the barren lands.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at the excited Tang Nazhi and thoughtfully said: "Even if there’s a competition, do you think that the pharmacists will be given a chance to participate?"

Pharmacists and Priests was a supporter-type profession and so rarely get themselves involved in any active battles, especially if it’s just a one-on-one match as almost all the other professions could defeat them.

Priests at least have a light shield and restriction technique for security but the pharmacists on the other hand were the most vulnerable profession of all when it comes to fighting.

Tang Nazhi had rolled up his sleeves as if he’s about to go to a battle, he must used half a year to prepare himself for the competition.

But not a moment later, Tang Nazhi’s mouth began to slightly twitched, the original excitement he had immediately wilted down. He lowered his head as he muffled: "The pharmacist will just be abused when they participate there. Besides, even before you can represent our school, you at least need to be in the top ten positions in our school’s competition.”

For decades, not to mention the top 10 students of the various academies, even in the top 100 students of these schools, there was not a single pharmacist.

It was truly sad!

"Rather than thinking about that, it would be better to study and practice how to make a sleeping potion. Next week, the instructor will make an audit, if you can’t get through it, I'm afraid you have to leave the purple class." Shen Yanxiao finally finished her last meal and hadn’t forget to remind him of the current crisis.

Every week, every student would be given a task to take. If all of the four tasks for the month ended in a failure, then the students could bid farewell to their current class.

Unfortunately, Tang Nazhi had failed all his first three tasks for this month and if this time his fourth task was not done correctly, she’s afraid that he could only leave the purple class!

After hearing it, Tang Nazhi's face immediately went green.

He was indeed studying pharmaceuticals thoroughly, so why was every time, the product that would came out from his hands would end up being a failure?

On the other hand, Shen Yanxiao, who in the past few days had always been missing for half a day, every time they’ll combine the drugs, not only her combination will always be perfect, her speed was also the fastest one in the class that even the tutor was praising her all the time.

Everyday, if they weren’t eating and sleeping then they’re spending the rest of the 24 hours studying pharmaceuticals to death. But this Shen Jue, this damn animal, you could only see him studying pharmaceuticals for five hours a day, hence, he had never tired himself to death and for all the day could enjoy the green light.

Unsympathetic being! This unsympathetic being, ah!

Tang Nazhi was very depressed. Although he had to admit that Shen Yanxiao’s talent in pharmaceutical was great, but this didn’t prevent him from despising her!

"I say little Jue, ah, you know I, your older brother this time is in a bad situation, can you..."

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