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Chapter 195th Expensive bows (2)

Second floor?

That’s an area where only the truly rich people could go!

Shen Yanxiao arrived at the second floor, and it was a sight totally opposite of the first floor. Except from the middle-aged man in charge of selling things, there was not even a single customer in the entire second floor.

In other several stores, luxurious weapons of all kinds were arranged in a dazzling line-up, same as how the weapons were set up on the first floor. However, it was different for the second floor of gold-smelting weapon shop. The numbers of weapons here was not much. Each was placed independently inside a crystal shelf, and the crystal shelf itself was decorated by a few thumb-sized, shining crystals.

This scene was like a luxury exhibition in the modern society.

Shen Yanxiao looked at one of the staves near the staircase with coarse eyes. The dark brown stave was studded with seven or eight ornate, low-level magic nucleus. At the top of the stave sat a rank 6 magic nucleus of the size of an egg. And the price at the bottom of it was truly shocking.

“38,000…” The corner of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth slightly twitched. Just then, she saw a bow inlaid with rank 2 magic nucleus for 1,200 gold coins. It couldn’t be compared even with a fraction of this stave!

Well, the stave was lavish enough after all. The low-level magic nucleus, estimated to be a rank 2 to 3, that could synthesize weapon directly was being taken as an ornament. How extravagant was that.

Shen Yanxiao prepared herself for a massive bleeding; she walked past to where the bows were displayed.

The shop assistant lazily looked at Shen Yanxiao. After seeing her appearance that couldn’t be more ordinary than it already was, his mouth twitched with disdain. He turned away his head, not bothering himself to assist Shen Yanxiao.

Poor ghosts dared to come to their shop, really shameful.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t realize the contempt of the man. Having no one to greet her, let her to choose better instead.

The bows on the second floor were more than ten in number, and they were all properly supplied in the crystal shelf.

Shen Yanxiao fixed her gaze at those bows. The magic nucleus inlaid with those bows definitely were not lower than a rank 5 magic nucleus. Even if it’s just lying in the crystal shelf, it could still make a person feel a trace of fluctuations.

When choosing a weapon, aside from looking at the workmanship, one should also take note of the magic nucleus’ level. The higher the level of the magic nucleus, the more strength the weapon would get. This had also led to the high prices of the magic nucleus today, and the weapons fused with a high-level magic nucleus had reached a skyrocketing price.

Among these luxurious bows, one stood out to be the most dazzling.

It was a golden longbow, and the whole bow was made out of gilt wood. Gilt wood was more precious than gold trees. Not only it had more tenacity than steel, but also had a greater toughness. It was the best choice for the production of bows. However, the gilt wood could only grow in the Moon God Continent where the elves reside. It was absolutely impossible to cultivate it in the Radiance Continent, so it could only be imported from the Moon God Continent. And the cost was very alarming. As long as a bow was made from the gilt wood, the price could definitely make a lot of people terrified.    

Even if it was not fused with a magic nucleus, the strength of a bow built from the gilt wood was comparable to a bow inlaid with a rank 5 magic nucleus.

And the longbow made of gilt wood before Shen Yanxiao, not only it was fused with a magic nucleus, but there were two magic nucleus!!

The two sides of the bow each inlaid with a green rank 8 magic nucleus. The green magic nucleus taken from the wood element magical beast, when fused on a bow, aside from increasing the weapon’s strength, it could also stabilize the archer’s mind to ensure the degree of alignment and speed.

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