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Chapter 188th Path of an Archer (1)

The students at the square were taken to a separate testing stones by the mentors of each branch.

Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi have all returned to their respective groups, while Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao arrived at the freshman ranks of the pharmaceutical branch.

In general, pharmacist students rarely come in contact with the testing stones, because they haven’t learned much about dou qi and magic from the beginning. Therefore, most students were very curious about the two-piece, three-metre-high monolith.

“Walk over there, then place your two hands on the stones.” The pharmacist mentor pointed to the magical spirit stone behind him. In fact, most of the testing stones that were being used were the magical spirit stone. Because the warlock was the one to be tested, so there was no need for the martial firestone which was for detecting dou qi to appear.

The first student nervously walked over before the magical spirit stone, carefully stretched out his hands and placed them on the stone.

There was no movement from the magical spirit stone.

The student looked at the mentor at a loss, thinking something was wrong.

“Next one.” The mentor was not surprised by this, after all, they were pharmacists, not magicians or priests. It’s normal for the magical spirit stone to detect nothing from the pharmacist students. This means that none of these freshmen have cultivated magic professions such as magicians and priests.

Most pharmacists have no fighting ability. They only need to concentrate on configuring potions, and the problem about their military force was to be solved by those who seek to buy their potions.

Because there was no movement from the magical spirit stone, so the pharmaceutical branch’s examination was rather done extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, almost hundreds of students have been checked, and did not reveal any abnormalities.

Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao soon came to the front. Tang Nazhi looked at the magical spirit stone, and cannot help but muttered: “Good thing it’s not martial firestone.”

“What about martial firestone?” Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi with some confusion.

Tang Nazhi immediately shook his head, said nothing, and then with the mentor’s urging, stood in front of the magical spirit stone and calmly stretched out his pair of big claws.

There’s still no reaction from the magical spirit stone.

Tang Nazhi shrugged his shoulders and strutted aside, waiting for Shen Yanxiao.

On the surface, Shen Yanxiao looked indifferent, but her heart was not so calm at all. Xiu told her that she had nothing to worry about since he’s there, however she had no idea what his plan was. Right now, once she put her hands on the magical spirit stone, she would immediately be found.

Shen Yanxiao tried to initiate a final communication with Xiu, but no matter how much she called him in her mind, there was no response.

This goods better not get a cold feet!

Don’t be such a cheater!

“That student, hurry up.” The mentor looked at Shen Yanxiao, impatiently urging the way.

Shen Yanxiao felt like she’s *riding a tiger which was hard to get off of. She could only braced herself and walked in front of the magical spirit stone, her heart secretly praying that Xiu must not be hiding to play her at this crucial moment, ah.

[tl: in a situation impossible to stop halfway/get away with]

Standing before the huge magical spirit stone, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath, slowly raised her hands and gently placed them on the magical spirit stone.

A cold touch transmitted from her palms, and she could slightly see a faint gleam of darkness diverging from them.

Shen Yanxiao’s heart skipped a beat, her eyes flickered with nervousness.

However, in the next second, that faint black sheen quickly vanished from her fingers and gradually disappeared over her palms.

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