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Chapter 165th Close the door to beat the dogs (2)

Along their way, do not even say one team, even one of those fastest archers did not successfully slip away. In just half a day, the number of badges inside Shen Yanxiao’s storage ring has reached more than 100 pieces!

And the three men who were finally able to wield their hands and feet did not stop at all. They began to seek those students who had pursued them before from different parts of the dark forest separately. And soon, the students who had chased them were herded from all directions by the ruthless fellows. A group of scurrying students, upon seeing the other teams, immediately ignited a revolutionary camaraderie among them fellow sufferers, and unites to revolt against the brutal acts of the three people.

But in the face of absolute violence, everything is just a paper tiger.

Standing aloft was the towering figure of Qi Xia, looking down at that group of students full of enmity towards their common enemy, on his handsome face was a touch of an enchanting smile.

He raised his wand high, and a string of magic incantations overflowed from his mouth.

This is the first time Shen Yanxiao has seen Qi Xia chanting magic. With the continuous chanting of Qi Xia, the surrounding air seemed to become cold.

The students who were gathered in horror watched Qi Xia as he chants, and a few people, upon seeing it for just a moment, immediately discovered that Qi Xia might be chanting a higher level magic.

“We can’t let him finish the chant!” They didn’t know who shouted but all the magicians and archers have focused their attacks on Qi Xia’s body. Countless arrows and magical light bullets greeted toward Qi Xia.

But just as those attacks were about to reach Qi Xia, a giant shield of light had withstood all the damage.

“Run!” Seeing that the attacks were ineffective, the other students immediately wanted to find a chance to leave the scary place.

Yan Yu casted a faint glance at the students who were ready to flee. Waving his staff lightly, light shields appeared around the students, forming a huge encirclement. If they want to escape, they first need to break the light shields.


Don’t be ridiculous! Who’s going to smash this light shield as thick as a foot? This thing is not for defense at all. If you directly hit your head, the effect would be like banging one’s head against a good quality brick wall!

A group of students are in a dilemma. If god gives them another chance, they are afraid that to beat these three brutal animals to death is still an impossible act.

This is totally aberrant ah! To display a senior-level magic without the need to chant incantations is just abnormal for a senior magician. This goods can definitely be a worthy opponent of Dean Ouyang Huanyu! And the frightening priest who often uses giant light shields, do you realize that you’re still a student? Releasing this level of light shield, where do you suppose the mentors of the priest branch can put their face!?


The knight without a mount, and runs faster than a rabbit! Come on, ask your moral integrity to be a little good. With your speed, you make the mounts of your family feel sad!! Two legs running faster than four legs, your mount might as well commit suicide in shame and resentment!

Just give them a way out of this predicament! They will never be dishonest again!!

In the face of siege of the three aberrant beings, the confidence of the group of students was broken into pieces. Holding their head while squatting on the ground, they were waiting for the last character of Qi Xia’s chant, waiting for their miserable ending.

However … …

Everyone waited for a long time, but did not find any change in their body.

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