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Chapter 163rd Spoof (3)

The more the three people think this through, the more they felt afraid. They finally determined that this is absolutely a trap. The three of them also refused to rescue their two teammates and directly turned around and ran for their own lives. They deeply fear that the four men lying on the ground will suddenly jump up to catch them.

Shen Yanxiao watch in bewilderment as the three students ran wildly all the way back where they came from. She touched her nose, depressed.

That’s it?

She was prepared to get a few more badges.

She’s very sure that she hid her hands well when she did the hand seals. The other side will never discover that the two people were deliberately made to fall down on the ground. But…

Why did they ran off!?

Three badges just escaped her clutch. Shen Yanxiao supported her chin with her one hand, she picked a twig from the ground and mercilessly poked at the corner of the swordsman’s foaming mouth.

“You dared to rob this little grandpa.”

“You dared to be cocky.”

“You can’t differentiate good from bad.”

“You let the robbers lose face.”

The swordsman’s face was harshly poked by the twig again and again. He has an ugly face to begin with, now there are marks of red dots all over his face.

Shen Yanxiao let out a bored sigh. Glancing at the two hapless eggs lying on the ground, suddenly a bad smile glinted in her eyes. She immediately cast an illusion curse on the faint priest, then removed the collapse of the two people, she also left a slow curse on the body of the swordsman that will limit his actions.

The swordsman woke up in a daze, only to feel a chill on his whole body. The moment he opened his eyes, he found the priest of his team sitting cross-legged on his waist, and more importantly, he didn’t know when he was stripped naked!

“You… what are you doing!?” The swordsman glared incredulously at the priest who was sitting on his body, he looked in horror at the evil smile on the priest’s face.

“Hey…” The priest’s ordinary-looking face revealed a treacherous smile, he charmingly touched the chest of the swordsman with his hand.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!!” The swordsman let out a series of scream at once.

Shen Yanxiao silently sat in silence and watched the priest who had been controlled by the illusion, like some beast in a heat, his hand travelled downwards at the swordsman’s body.

Frightened wails came out from the swordsman’s mouth. His four limbs were heavy as if they were lead metals, perhaps from being tired for half a day, so he was unable to push the priest away from his body.

Seeing the priest’s hand is approaching the most vulnerable part of the man, the angry and indignant eyes of the swordsman turned dizzy.

Shen Yanxiao kicked the boring swordsman who had passed out, then lifted the illusion on the priest’s body.

The priest, after having experienced two combination curses, fell unconscious on top of the swordsman immediately.

Until the afternoon, the four men who were sleeping like dead pigs finally sat up lazily from the ground.

But when they’re about to stand up, they saw the two scantily clad youths lying down and asleep in a shameless hug.

The expressions of the four people instantly became distorted.

‘Little Jue… what’s going on?” Tang Nazhi shuddered, pointing his trembling finger to the two big lords who were in a hug. He just slept, how come after waking up he would witness a live ***! [tl: it was censored originally. xD]

“I don’t know, I just woke up…” Shen Yanxiao shrugged, on her face was a look saying ‘I’m innocent and I have nothing to do with that’.

“Aw! The students in our school are now so bold! Incredibly in broad daylight, under the sight of heaven and earth, actually dared to do such a thing!” Tang Nazhi could not bear to look straight at the two students and hid his face.

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