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Chapter 157th The ignorant are fearless (3)

“All archers stop attacking, magicians attack the light shield!” Several students immediately understand. Facing such a strong light shield, even if the archers are to exhaust all their arrows, they’re afraid that there is no way to penetrate any part of the shield. They can only hand the job to the magicians who can use magic to attack.

The students from the magician branch began to chant magic. The swordsmen in the front have almost reach the three. They are clever enough to know that the light shield would be hard to break, so they just simply went straight to the sides and continue to rush to the three people.

Qi Xia lazily narrowed his phoenix eyes. Looking at the six rushing swordsmen who are about to split in two groups and attack the three of them on each sides, Qi Xia’s mouth impressively evoked an enchanting smile. Six flames flew out of his fingertips in an instant, and the six swordsmen who had come up in an astonishing speed flew away upon being hit.

The sporadic flares on the six people’s clothes immediately spread into a blazing flame. In an instant, the six swordsmen clothing had been burnt down by half.

No one noticed when Qi Xia began chanting, and no one knew how the six flame bombs came about.

Flame bombs’ chanting time is short, but to summon six flame bombs in a blink of an eye is basically impossible. For a magician to produce two flame bombs in one minute is already a very difficult thing to do, let alone six!

The students from the magician branch who are busy attacking the light shield, upon seeing Qi Xia’s shot, they knew things are getting bad.

To be able to throw out six flame bombs so quickly, Qi Xia’s strength must have been restored!

The six who were greeted by the flame bombs let out a wail due to the fiery heat of the fire. However, the next one second, in the series of miserable shrieks, Qi Xia waved his wand once more. A few pieces of snowflakes silently appeared in mid-air, slowly falling onto the body of the six swordsmen. More and more crystal clear snowflakes fell down and gradually poured out the fire.

Having felt the heat on their body has subsided, the swordsmen were secretly relieved. But the next moment, they fell silent.

The falling snowflakes soon became frozen on their bodies. Their limbs began to be imprisoned by a layer of ice, and the chills of the cold spread to them. They could only watch the icy layers of their limbs constantly gathering and rapidly covering their whole bodies.

“Ice and snow… Qi Xia unexpectedly already learned the ice and snow magic!” The magician branch’s several students in the distance screamed when they saw the falling snowflakes.

“How could it be!? Only a senior magician can use the ice and snow magic. Qi Xia is only in the intermediate level, how can he use that skill!?” Incredible screams sounded one after another.

The ice and snow magic is a magician’s skill with a very wide range of magical attack. Every falling snowflake contains the magic of the magician. The magic consumption of this skill can be said to be extremely frightening to the magicians. The students present have never seen anything other than the high-level magic they have seen from their mentors.

A magician branch student who can actually display a senior-level magician’s skill, what exactly does it mean?

Clearly, Qi Xia is already a senior magician!

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