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Aeternatix: Subject matter for the competition is "Family Dinner" (Or less specifically "Supper" starring at least one GFNSYL character), submissions open when Sky gets her laptop back. Sky has her laptop back


Shen Yanxiao was very helpless. She did not even think that Wu En and the others would rush over. Fortunately, there had been no actions from the Qingyuan Tribe in the past few days. Otherwise, even if she wanted to not get Wu En or others involved, she couldn't.


"Qianqian, Chenchen, this is Grandpa Wu En, this is Grandpa Liang Qiu..." Shen Yanxiao looked at the two timid little ones, took their small hands and brought them in front of Wu En and others, introducing these elderly elves one by one. She could see that Wu En and the rest really wanted little elves like these two to join their tribe. If Su Qian and Su Chen entered the Moonlight Tribe, they would definitely have great achievements in the future.


The two little guys were also very clever, following Shen Yanxiao’s example and calling them grandfather.


Wu En and others bursted with joy upon hearing the two. The more they looked at the two little guys, the more they felt that they were really pleasing to the eye.


They couldn't wait to directly hold them and give them a good kiss.


Although Shen Yanxiao was not yet an adult, she was an elf who was about to reach adulthood. Moreover, she was also a little girl. Even though these old elves were really very fond of her, they could not make too intimate moves. However, Su Qian and Su Chen were two adorable little boys and so, it did not matter if they were to act very intimately with them.


Perhaps, Wu En and the others’ behavior was too enthusiastic, so Su Qian and Su Chen were obviously a little afraid. After calling them Grandpa, the two quietly hid behind Shen Yanxiao again.


"In the future, everyone in the Moonlight Tribe will take care of these two children." An Yan’s mouth was brimming with smiles. When the Moonshine Tribe had taken Su Yue and his pair of grandchildren in, An Yan also treated them very kindly. And now, she was very glad to see that the two little ones were about to have a better future.


The most rare thing was, Shen Yanxiao proposed this idea. 


The Moonlight Tribe lacked fresh blood, but with the character of Elder Yue and others, even if they had the idea in mind, they would never open their mouths to ask other tribes for elves.


Although Su Qian and Su Chen were not really Moonshine Tribe elves, they had been raised in the Moonshine Tribe. An Yan and the others could not just deliver two elf children to the Moonlight Tribe for no reason at all. First, because the Moonshine Tribe was now in decline. Handing over the elves of your own tribe to the Moonlight Tribe, how could that not make other elves think that you were seeking connection with the powerful. Second, after the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, the contact between the two tribes had lessened, so there was simply no chance.


Shen Yanxiao could be said to be the most appropriate one for this matter. She was both an elf of the Moonlight Tribe and understood the affairs of the Moonshine Tribe, so it was better for her to put forward this idea.


Plus, Su Qian and Su Chen liked Shen Yanxiao very much. With her as the middleman, the two shy little ones would not be too resistant.


"It’s our pleasure. I can see that the two children are very close to each other. It is now also time for the Moonlight Tribe to bring in fresh blood. Only, it is surprising that Su Yue is willing to let them go. By the way, I don’t see Su Yue, where is he?" Wu En smiled and said. It seemed like he was not a stranger to Su Yue, the grandfather of the two children.


"Su Yue's health is not good. Right now, he is basically focused on nursing himself back to health. If Grandmaster Wu En wants to meet him, I will take you over later." An Yan responded with a smile.


"No hurry, we rarely come out of Wind City, and Little Xiao’er will soon enter the Moonshine City too, so we must have a good chat with this little girl." Wu En laughingly said. Although Su Qian and Su Chen were pleasing to the eye, they still could not match the position of Shen Yanxiao in their hearts. After all, she was connected with them by bloodline, and this little girl was also quite sensible, she knew to find suitable elves to join the Moonlight Tribe. How could that not make a group of old fellas like them be extremely fond of her?


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