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Aeternatix: Was gonna draw this out for longer, but 'eh. Subject matter is "Family Dinner"


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows then said, "Take a guess." 


Shen Jing was speechless... 


"Is it because of your mother?" 


Shen Yanxiao nodded her head. 


Shen Jing slightly paused before he asked, "How are father and the others?" 


Shen Yanxiao sat down in a chair and looked at this unfamiliar Third Uncle of hers. She answered, "Shen Duan and Shen Yue plotted a rebellion. They teamed up with a Second Stage Professional and attempted to seize the Vermillion Bird Clan." 


"What?!" Shen Jing abruptly raised his head and his eyes were full of astonishment. 


"He... really had done such a thing? How... how can he be so heartless?" 


Shen Yanxiao felt that there was something weird with Shen Jing’s words. It was as if Shen Jing knew the plans in Shen Duan's mind long ago. 


Was it possible that Shen Jing had also participated in Shen Duan's plot? 


With this thought, Shen Yanxiao’s eyes could not help but turn cold. 


"Third Uncle, were you aware of this thing?" 


At this moment, the idleness on Shen Jing’s face had disappeared. He slumped down onto a chair and lowered his head. He said in a muffled voice, “Perhaps you can say it that I knew, or perhaps it can be regarded as I did not know. I was aware of Shen Duan's idea a long time ago. However at that time, no one in the Vermillion Bird Clan could compete with him for the position of Clan Head. I thought... I thought he would settle down a little, but I didn’t expect..." 


Shen Jing’s voice showed a hint of stagnation. 


He raised his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao. 


Perhaps it was because Shen Duan had always been the person who was most likely to become the head of the Vermillion Bird Clan, but it had changed after Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird had entered a contract. 


"Third Uncle, so you knew something?" Shen Yanxiao vaguely felt that the Shen Jing at this moment was suffused with an atmosphere completely different from the feeling he had given her before. 


Shen Jing smiled at her bitterly. 


"What if I knew something? Little Xiao, your uncle is a coward and a waste who only knows to escape." 


Shen Yanxiao slightly knitted her brows. 


Shen Jing said, "I let down my eldest brother, I let down your parents. I am a sinner of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Maybe I had already felt that after you signed a contract with Vermillion Bird, there would be some changes in the Vermillion Bird Clan that would shake the clan, and so I found an excuse to escape. But did not dare to say anything... I harmed my father and hurt Shen Ling..." 


"Little Xiao, did you know? I just looked on as your first uncle and his family were being killed by Shen Duan..." Shen Jing stared at Shen Yanxiao, and his eyes were filled with despair and remorse. 


"What?!" Shen Yanxiao gave a start. She knew that her first uncle and his entire family were all killed by Shen Duan, but even Shen Yue did not know this matter until later. How did Shen Jing... If there was really some cooperation between Shen Jing and Shen Duan, then he should not have escaped from the Vermillion Bird Clan, but right now, Shen Jing’s appearance was clearly that of guilt and desperation. 


Shen Jing continued, "Little Xiao, you may think that Third Uncle is a useless person who only idles about. Indeed, I am useless; I am a coward! In that year, I originally wanted to go to your first uncle to talk about things, but the moment I found your first uncle, I secretly discovered that Shen Duan had already started with your first uncle. I was so scared to utter a single word and could only hide in the corner. I dared not tell your grandfather because I knew that in the eyes of all the members of the Vermillion Bird Clan I, Shen Jing, was a waste, and no one would believe the words of a waste. On the other hand, Shen Duan had always been a son that your grandfather valued very much." 


"What happened to your parents... I had already guessed it at an earlier time. Shen Duan was so bent on trying to win the position of the Clan Head. Your father, Shen Yu, is the most important son of your grandfather, so Shen Duan will never let him go. I used to remind your father, but... it had no effect. Little Xiao, I am sorry, I was too weak and let your parents..."

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