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Aeternatix: More Deets~ You'll havta draw sumthin'


Jadeite City was as prosperous as ever. Shen Yanxiao was walking on the street. Many elves had been casting astonished and respectful gazes on her.


She was no longer a poor elf with only a temporary badge and without any tribe.


Hanging in front of Shen Yanxiao’s chest were now a total of three badges. One was the white badge required to enter any white-level cities, and the other two were the badge of the Silvermoon Guards and the badge of the Moonlight Tribe.


These two badges, no matter which one, would make any elf feel highly respected and majestic.


Shen Yanxiao sent a message to Vermillion Bird in the first instant, asking him to go to the Moonshine Trading House and accompany her. She was one step ahead of him. During this time, she looked for another set of gemstones from her storage ring, taking this chance to give the Moonshine Trading House another batch to sell.


In the process, she could also get her earnings from the Moonshine Trading House during this time.


Back in the Moonlight Tribe, Elder Yue and the rest wanted to give Shen Yanxiao some fine jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and ornaments, which were all inlaid with beautiful gemstones. But Shen Yanxiao refused.


She had no special preferences for these glittering decorations.


The only ornament on her whole body was the necklace that Lan Fengli had given her before she departed for the Moon God Continent. The little crystal had no name, and although it was not as gleaming as a gem, it meant a lot to her.


Shen Yanxiao walked towards the business street of the Jadeite City. Before, she had heard from Vermillion Bird that the Moonshine Trading House had changed a lot. Shen Yanxiao also wanted to see this change with her own eyes.


However, when she reached the door of the Moonshine Trading House, she halted her footsteps.


Two seals were placed on the closed door of the Moonshine Trading House, heavy chains bound the door lock tightly.


"What is going on?" Shen Yanxiao stared at the Moonshine Trading House that obviously had been sealed off, her eyes were filled with surprise.


She immediately contacted Vermillion Bird to ask what was the matter, but Vermillion Bird did not know about it either.


After Vermillion Bird took a portion of the crystal coins from the Moonshine Trading House half a month ago, he went to other cities to buy things. During this time, he had not come back again.


Shen Yanxiao knitted her brows into a frown before she turned to the trading house adjacent to the Moonshine Trading House.


The business of this trading house was not that lively. There were only a handful of customers, and there were five or six elves in charge of selling items. Shen Yanxiao directly asked the elf who was sorting the things on the shelves.


"Hello, there is something I want to ask." Shen Yanxiao asked very politely.


The elf doubtfully turned around and saw that a little elf was questioning him. There was a trace of doubt that appeared in his eyes.


When he saw the two badges that belonged to the Silvermoon Guards and Moonlight Tribe on Shen Yanxiao’s chest, a hint of surprise immediately flashed in his eyes.


This elf who had yet to grow to adulthood was actually a member of the Silvermoon Guards?


The elf was a bit dumbfounded. The Silvermoon Guards was the most elite team in the entire Moon God Continent. Just how many elves had dreamt of joining it? However, every year, there were only a handful of elves who had the actual ability to enter the Silvermoon Guards.


He couldn't imagine at all how the little elf before him was selected to join the Silvermoon Guards.


And what made him even more surprised was the Moonlight Tribe badge that was also on the chest of Shen Yanxiao.


All the elves of the Moon God Continent knew that the elves of the Moonlight Tribe were older than three hundred years old, and such a young elf had never been seen appearing among them.


But no matter which of the two badges he considered, either one was enough to make the elf full of respect towards her.


"Esteemed customer, may I know what it is that you want to ask? If I know, I will tell you." The elf respectfully opened his mouth to talk.


Shen Yanxiao replied, "May I ask what happened to the Moonshine Trading House? Why was it sealed off?"


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