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Shen Yanxiao’s eyes that seemed to be pondering things over caught Qie Er’s attention. When all the elves were staring blankly and confused, Shen Yanxiao’s look was particularly eye-catching.


Qie Er squinted his eyes at this extraordinarily petite little fella unobtrusively.


When Qie Er took over this batch of elves, he was informed that there were two special existences in this group.


One was An Ran from the Moonshine Tribe.


The Moonshine Tribe was once well-regarded among the Elves, but now it had become the first highest-ranking tribe to be demoted by the Elf King in a thousand years.


The strength of An Ran was good, but because of the Moonshine Tribe, in the final judgement, his results would probably be affected by their tribe's demotion. They could give ten points to other elves but to An Ran, it was probably only seven points.


The other one was this elf called Yan Xiao.


She had no tribe, and also didn’t belong to the black-level cities. This was the elf the five captains of the Silvermoon Guards had personally recommended. Her existence was extremely unexpected among this group of black elves.


Not only because of her identity, but also due to her age.


Whether it was in the primary training camp, intermediate training camp, or the advanced training camp, there were basically no minor elves. Shen Yanxiao could be said to be the first one.


Qie Er could not understand. What was so special about this little elf named Yan Xiao that she could actually make all the five captains send her to the advanced training camp at all costs?


But no matter what the reason was, the arrival of Shen Yanxiao was a thing that made Qie Er have a headache.


Because, once you entered the advanced training camp, you would immediately go to the Pure Spirit Tower to cultivate.


However, the richness of the Tree of Life’s power in the Pure Spirit Tower was not something that ordinary elves could withstand. Even the black elves could barely support themselves in there; how could a low-leveled elf?


Qie Er was really afraid that if something happened to Shen Yanxiao while she was under his own hands, it would not be easy to explain himself to Mo Yu and the others.


However, Shen Yanxiao’s reaction just now made Qie Er very satisfied. Although this little fella was still young, she seemed to have a good brain. She would not puzzle over things blindly. She knew to think about problems.


This was a good thing.


"You all will go with me now. I will take you into the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. When you enter, you will know how ridiculous your doubts are now." Qie Er cleared his mind and spoke seriously.




Under the lead of Qie Er, the elves arrived in front of the Pure Spirit Tower. Standing before the Pure Spirit Tower, they could truly appreciate its height. From afar, it would seemed that there were only seven floors and it wasn’t that high, but if you were to really stand here and look up at the Pure Spirit Tower from such a close spot, you would see that its height far exceeded your expectations.


From the outside, it could be seen that each floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was twice as high as an ordinary floor.


On the wall, green plants covered the true appearance of the Pure Spirit Tower; only a huge wooden door could be seen on the first floor.


At the entrance of the Pure Spirit Tower, two humongous Flaming Giant Apes stood on either side of the huge door.


The Flaming Giant Apes were beasts of the Moon God Continent. Unlike magical beasts, which could transform into human appearance upon reaching the level of Mythological Beast and above, the Flaming Giant Apes could only appear in beast form no matter what their level was. Nevertheless, they could also speak human language and their intelligence was similar to that of human beings.


Rumor had it that the elves liked to let the Flaming Giant Apes guard important places.


Qie Er nodded to the two Flaming Giant Apes, after which the Flaming Giant Apes immediately turned around and opened the heavy, gigantic door.


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