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"Third Uncle..." Shen Yanxiao's brain immediately blanked out... Trying to recall in which corner of her mind she had thrown the memories about this uncle whom she did not know.


Finally, after thinking for a while, she remembered this uncle’s… identity.


Shen Jing!!!


Her father's third brother, her grandfather's third son, the nobleson known as the Long Xuan Empire’s number one ‘slacker’!


Shen Yanxiao blushed with shame. It wasn’t that her memory was not good, but after she had been reborn, counting with her fingers, she had only seen Shen Jing twice: once during the "clan members hearing", and once when she went back home after signing a contract with Vermillion Bird. After that, she went to Holy Roland School and she had never seen Shen Jing again. Moreover, she and Shen Jing were originally not close. So she subconsciously ignored this Third Uncle who had no sense of existence...


In fact, it was not only Shen Yanxiao who ignored Shen Jing, even Shen Feng had subconsciously thrown him to the back of his mind.


Although Shen Jing was Shen Feng’s third son, his sloppy temperament made people blow their top. He spent all his time in drinking and pleasure, and did not have any attainments in dou qi or magic. At 40 years old, he was still a bachelor who had yet to find a wife. Some time ago, Shen Feng had seen him go violent; afterwards, Shen Jing could only squat inside the Vermillion Bird Clan for a time. But when Shen Yanxiao went to study at Holy Roland School, he also found an excuse to go out with a group of friends. Since then, Shen Feng hadn’t seen his shadow again.


Even Shen Siyu, who was often away, had a stronger presence than Shen Jing.


"Uh, where is Third Uncle?" Shen Yanxiao's face was unperturbed. She did not feel anything in the slightest bit after remembering his Third Uncle’s character.


Shen Siyu replied, "Third Uncle is now in the Moon God Continent."


"Moon God Continent? How did Third Uncle end up there?" Shen Yanxiao froze. Moon God Continent was the place where the Elves lived. Only a few humans went there. Aside from some merchants, there were only some daring bounty hunters who dared to go to the Moon God Continent.


"I also just received this news not long ago. Before, Third Uncle formed a caravan with his friends, and traded products between the Radiance Continent and the Moon God Continent." Shen Siyu answered.


Shen Yanxiao simply wanted to admire her Third Uncle. He really had some ability, doing business in the Moon God Continent ah! Even the Qilin family did not dare to do such a ferocious thing.


However, this also explained why Shen Jing had not appeared when the Vermillion Bird Clan was in crisis.


This second-generation uncle was in the far-off land of the Moon God Continent, and simply had no idea that his own home had met some mishap.


"Third Uncle... really has some ability." Shen Yanxiao held back for a long time before finally blurting out such a sentence.


Shen Feng said coldly, "He’s actually not content walking on the wrong path; now he has to do things that are difficult to comprehend."


Shen Feng was very dissatisfied on the surface, but after receiving the news about Shen Jing, he also breathed a sigh of relief. The Vermilion Bird Clan was currently in decline. No matter how sloppy Shen Jing was, he was still his son. Although he had no great skill, he was at least still filial. After Shen Feng arrived in The Rising Sun City, it was not that he hadn’t been worried about Shen Jing’s safety. It was just that Shen Yanxiao was already too busy, and he could not bear to increase the burden on his little granddaughter, so he had not mentioned this matter.


As long as his son was safe and sound, Shen Feng was relieved.


"Third Uncle is also very capable. The business path between the Moon God Continent and Radiance Continent is not a joke." Shen Yanxiao was still learning about the situation. To think that her seemingly sloppy Third Uncle actually had a bit of foundation.

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