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"Jiawei?" Shen Yanxiao frowned as she looked at Shen Jiawei.


Shen Jiawei lowered his head and muttered, "City Lord, I made a mistake. Asking the City Lord to punish me."


Shen Yanxiao slightly froze before she immediately sat down in the chair. Shen Jiawei’s performance had been very good since he entered The Rising Sun City. She could see that this boy had really turned over a new leaf.


"What's the matter? Get up and talk."


Shen Jiawei did not dare to move, insisting on kneeling.


"Please, I ask the City Lord to let me finish talking like this."


Shen Yanxiao sighed and replied, "Tell me, what’s this about."


"A few days after the City Lord left, my sister... her grave was dug up, and her corpse was taken." Shen Jiawei said.


"What!" Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Jiawei in astonishment.


“Who did it?” Shen Yanxiao was very positive that Shen Jiayi was dead at that time. In order to prevent any special circumstances from happening due to Shen Jiayi’s transformations, she especially asked Yan Yu to check her corpse out. They had found nothing wrong so they let people bury her.


"I don't know. I only went to visit my sister not long ago, only to find that there was something wrong." Shen Jiawei's voice was very low. He knew that Shen Jiayi had been doing a lot of evil things and could not be kept alive. But to think that now the person was dead, yet there was still such a situation. It was...


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. She subconsciously thought of that group of people who had modified Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. Doing such a thing, except them, there wasn’t a second candidate.


Only, Shen Jiayi was already dead. Why did they have to go to trouble just to take her dead body back?


"How about the other person's corpse?" Shen Yanxiao was referring to the man who had been in contact with Shen Jiayi.


Uncle Jiu said, "The bones of that man are still there, there is no passive trace."


Shen Yanxiao’s brows slightly wrinkled. The other party did not bring back the corpse of their own man, but had instead taken away Shen Jiayi alone. No matter how she thought of it, it was very strange.


"Jiawei, do you know what race had been integrated into Shen Jiayi?" Among the eight major races, only the Undead had the ability to be resurrected from the dead. But when Shen Jiayi died, the wound on her body was no different from that of ordinary people. Shen Jiawei himself had been combined with the characteristics of the Undead. No blood had flowed out from his wounds when he was injured, but this situation did not occur for Shen Jiayi.


"I don't know, my sister didn't say anything after she met me." Shen Jiawei shook his head.


Shen Jiawei had no clues on his side. This incident was really unexpected.


"This thing has nothing to do with you. Get up now." Shen Yanxiao was not a person who was unable to distinguish right and wrong. Shen Jiayi had brought about her own destruction, but Shen Jiawei had really changed.


Shen Jiawei hesitated for a long time before he stood up. Still, there was a hint of guilt on his face.


If he had found out Shen Jiayi's misdeed from the very beginning, and persuaded her in a timely manner, perhaps she would not have fell into a situation like today.


"Uncle Jiu, did you already take someone to see Shen Jiayi's grave?" Shen Yanxiao could only find clues from other places.


"Yes, the grave was completely destroyed. Shen Jiayi's body was taken away along with the coffin. Those people must have been very careful as they did not left even half a footprint on the side of the grave." Uncle Jiu responded.


There was also no clue on that side. Even if Shen Yanxiao were to investigate it again, it would be very difficult.


"For the time being, leave her matter aside. Is there anything else that happened in the city during this time?" Instead of entangling themselves in a clueless matter here, it was better to deal with other things first.


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