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After explaining the incident, Shen Yanxiao returned to the room and took a short break before going to the residence of Shen Feng.


Shen Yanxiao had not seen Shen Feng for a long time, so she would naturally care about her grandpa's situation.


At Shen Feng’s residence, Shen Yanxiao also met Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. When Shen Jiawei met her, he was very polite and there was no hostility in his eyes. There was only admiration and gratitude.


As for Shen Jiayi...


Shen Yanxiao felt that the look in her eyes had never changed.


Shen Jiayi originally only felt dislike towards her, but Shen Yanxiao feared that she detested her now.


However, Shen Yanxiao was too lazy to deal with her. As long as she behaved well, showed filial piety to Shen Feng here and did not seek death, she would let Shen Jiayi live as a Vermillion Bird Clan young lady.


After seeing Shen Feng for a while, since Shen Yanxiao had also been very tired this day, she returned to the City Lord Residence to rest.


The next morning, Shen Yanxiao sent someone to guide Long Fei to the City Lord Residence.


Long Fei only took Wu Run and Long Xueyao with him. Gu Feng, for some reason, uncharacteristically did not make any fuss.


The three people, who had received a deep shock from the identity of Shen Yanxiao yesterday, had now managed to calm down their feelings.


However, as soon as they saw Shen Yanxiao sitting in the main seat, the three people were suddenly shocked once again.


The face of the young girl sitting above was so flawless, and her rosy lips were carrying a hint of a smile. With such a beautiful person in front, it was impossible to turn their gazes away.


Long Fei did not recognize Shen Yanxiao at a glance, but he was not a fool. The young girl could sit on the main seat of the City Lord Residence. If she were not Shen Yanxiao, who was she? Before, Shen Yanxiao had always been a youth with ordinary looks in front of them. Presumably, the appearance of her face previously was just a face-changing mask.


However, the contrast between her appearance before and after was so great that it was really difficult to accept.


"My three guests, please, you may sit down." Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at the three people who looked silly, and gracefully said.


"Thank you." Long Fei cleared his throat and sat down in his seat.


"As to why I came to disturb Lord Shen today, the City Lord should already know; I will not say more. Before, the Blizzard City treated you poorly, please forgive me."


Shen Jue was Shen Yanxiao, so she naturally knew what Long Fei was going to ask for her to do.


"Let’s not mention anything in the past. Since I have pointed out the circumstances of Lord Long in Blizzard City, naturally I will not make things difficult for you." Anyway, the blueprint of the Thunder Artillery was not too bad to serve as their compensation for her. Shen Yanxiao’s face was breezy, her eyes were shining with bright light.


Long Fei smiled. Although the identity of Shen Yanxiao had changed, her temper still remained the same.


She was still so forgiving, making Long Fei and others let out a sigh of relief.


“Many thanks to Lord Shen, and I would also like to ask one more question. Does Lord Shen have certainty about the curse?” When Long Fei saw Shen Yanxiao for the first time, he could estimate that her strength was only around the Advanced Profession, but in order to deal with this curse, one must be a Second Stage Profesional Summoner. Shen Yanxiao was only fourteen years old this year, and being an Advanced Professional was already rare. If she said she had broken through the second stage, it would simply be hard to believe.


A large part of the reason why Long Fei came was that he was desperate. He thought that perhaps, Shen Yanxiao could ask her master to handle this matter. He had never thought that Shen Yanxiao herself could lift the curse for him.


Shen Yanxiao smiled.


“Lord Long, please rest assured. Even though I've just broken through the second stage, I also have some understanding of the curse.”


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