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It was not only Long Fei who was stunned; the mercenaries who followed him were also quite baffled.


It was almost a habit for humans and demons to fight upon meeting each other. So now that they were seeing waves of demons wandering around before their own eyes...


God knew that everytime they encountered a demon, their hearts would leap into their throats.


However, these swaggering demons never attacked them. But this did not help calm their nerves. They had remained vigilant until those demons disappeared; only then would their calm return.


Having said that, with their increasing encounters with the demons, the “anticlimactic” situation had also increased. This group of mercenaries had already been depressed and wanted to make a big clamor.


What the heck was going on with these demons of the eastern region!


You have to fight, ah!


What kind of attitude did you all have to not fight, but hang around in front of us? Did you not know that teasing people’s nerves like that was harrassment!


The demons of the eastern region were very innocent. During this time, the businessmen who had entered The Rising Sun City for business deals were almost endless. At first, they knew a bit that they should avoid these humans, but these people were endlessly moving back and forth between The Rising Sun City and the border to transport things, which seriously affected the normal life of the demons.


So they simply did not shy away. At most, they would only look at the humans but not eat them.


Ever since then, the demons carried a healthy way of thinking: We won’t eat you; why should we? Feel free to wander around in the eastern region.


And so, it caused the Blizzard Mercenary Corps, this group of people, to encounter such a strange scene today.


Both sides were innocent, and both sides were very helpless.


They could only continue this awkward situation.


Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage and listened to the dialogue between Long Fei and Wu Run.


“When did the demons in the eastern region become so… friendly?” Wu Run was truly dumbfounded, watching as another group of demons passed by their team. This might be better though. The demons that passed them were only looking straight ahead, not even sparing them a glance. The mercenaries in this team of humans could only cry and watch these passing demons.


And on the mercenaries’ faces, the sentence, “Since you dare to come out, why don’t you dare to hit us?” was clearly written.


Wu Run was extremely helpless. And what made him even more helpless was that, in the group of demons that had passed by their team, as soon as a higher demon muttered something, there was a middle demon who impressively stood upright and waved his bear-paws-like claws while facing Wu Run in the carriage. It was waving at him...


This world was truly insane!


Wu Run was thoroughly stupefied.


"I saw a demon waving at me..." Wu Run’s voice was quite awkward. He began to wonder if he had just seen an illusion.


Long Fei sighed. He really felt that everything that happened after they entered the eastern region was bizarre.


"The demons here are... pretty cute." Long Xueyao caught sight of the silly demon that was waving it fleshy claws.


Although it appeared a bit ugly, it looked like a magical beast and not a middle demon. To make this kind of action was really… adorable.


"Is it really true that the demons in the eastern region have collectively changed their character? Is that why Shen Yanxiao could build her city at such a fast pace? Because the demons here have no habit of eating people?" At last, Wu Run’s knowledge had widened by seeing such a one-of-kind group demons.


He deeply felt that the The Rising Sun City’s fast construction was certainly connected to these demons’ well-behaved attitudes.


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