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Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows. She was intrigued by Long Fei’s words. 


Qin Qiong looked as if he knew what Long Fei was referring to. 


"The head still remembers your ancestors' affairs?" 


Long Fei answered, "That is just natural. My ancestors are related to the ancestors of the current Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire through blood. It was only that my ancestor failed in the battle for the throne, and so as they say, the winner became the king while the loser was reduced to a bandit. If it were not for the Clan Head of Vermillion Bird Clan that gave a helping hand to send my ancestor out of Long Xuan Empire, how would it be possible for my ancestor to have made the Blizzard Mercenary Corps? Although a long time has passed, Vermillion Bird Clan is still considered a benefactor of the Blizzard Mercenary Corps. And to watch a descendant of our benefactor being calculated, and even by my allies, I really have ashamed my ancestors." 


Good grief! 


Shen Yanxiao listened to Long Fei's words and almost fell from the beam. 


She had previously felt odd about Long Fei’s surname. His surname was rare. In the entire Long Xuan Empire, it was one that only the direct descendents of royalty could use, and there seemed to be no one in the other countries who had this surname as well. She truly did not expect that Long Fei and Long Xueyao were actually related to the current Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire by blood. 


Furthermore, her own ancestor had actually saved their ancestor’s life?


Shen Yanxiao could not help but feel that this world was truly amazing.


Long Fei and Qin Qiong continued to talk for a while. The main idea of the conversation was that Long Fei also thought that the speculation about the curse was feasible, though he still felt that he had mistreated Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird Clan.


Meanwhile, Qin Qiong feared that Shen Yanxiao would not agree to lift the curse from Long Fei. 


Qin Qiong had also asked regarding the reason Long Fei might have been cursed that year. 


Unfortunately, Long Fei did not want to talk about the events of that year.  


And so, Shen Yanxiao failed to hear about the remaining inside stories. 


Soon, Long Fei fell asleep again. Qin Qiong blew out the flame within the lamp before he went on to sit at the side of the bed to continue guarding Long Fei. Qin Qiong was not even aware that Shen Yanxiao had already left.


To become known as the Godly Thief, one must be able to leave without a trace, even if from under someone’s nose! 


Not only did she get the blueprint for the Thunder Artillery, she also managed to hear the secret relationship between Long Fei and the Imperial Family of the Long Xuan Empire. Shen Yanxiao gained a great harvest tonight. 


After that, a certain cat went back to her room and continued with her cultivation. After her sixth seal layer was unlocked, her cultivation speed rose again by leaps and bounds. And so, at dawn, she unexpectedly reached the second stage for both her Archer and Warlock professions! 


The Second Stage Profession for Archers was called Magic Archer. As the name suggested, a Magic Archer’s attack was no longer a simple attack using only dou qi. Each arrow would now be infused with magic as well. And the greatest thing of all, a Magic Archer could also change the direction of a flying arrow for a period of time. 


This was simply like telekinesis!


Meanwhile, once a Warlock reached their second stage, that Warlock would undergo a huge change, and they would be called a Summoner.


There was a huge gap between a Summoner and a Warlock. A Warlock’s main attacks involved the use of curse techniques; on the other hand, a Summoner’s main attack was completely different.


Once a Warlock reached their second stage and became a Summoner, the magic in their body would greatly change, and they could draw a summoning array on the ground using magic. A Summoner could then use their own blood as a medium, dropping it in the array to summon a phantom beast from a different realm!  


A phantom beast’s strength was comparable to a magical beast. However, there was no limit to the number of phantom beasts one could control, unlike magical beasts. 


A person could only sign a contract to one magical beast in their whole lifetime; unless the contracted magical beast died, that person absolutely could not sign another contract with a second magical beast.


But it was possible to have multiple phantom beasts! 


As long as the Summoner was powerful, then they could bring out a lot of phantom beasts to serve them. Of course, the quantity and quality were still inversely proportional; the more the person summoned phantom beasts, the weaker their strength would be and vice versa. 


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