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Even an Advanced Archer would be unable to display such speed! 


Yet this boy had done it! 


The two higher demons raised their heads to look at Shen Yanxiao, and the disdain in their eyes had long disappeared. 


"I didn't expect that you’d have such ability." They had truly underestimated this human being. He seemed to be only a fourteen or fifteen years old kid, yet how could he shoot arrows so accurately and quickly? 


It was not only the two higher demons who were surprised by Shen Yanxiao’s skill, even Long Xueyao, who was behind Shen Yanxiao, had not thought that this boy who looked so fragile could actually possess such skill.


In the Blizzard Mercenary Corps, Long Xueyao knew a lot of powerful Archers; one of them was even an Advanced Archer. She had seen their attacks with her own eyes, and none of them could match Shen Jue’s speed. 


Shen Yanxiao smiled as she looked at the two higher demons. 


"So? Do you wish to compare notes with me?”


"Smelly boy, you dare ask to compare notes with us? Do you really think that you will be able to beat both of us with just that trick of yours?” The corner of the taller demon’s mouth hooked up into a sneer. This young boy really believed that he had such great skills? 


But this was also much better. A mere ordinary human being was not enough to entice their mouths to open; only a strong human could satisfy their taste buds. 


"How will you know if you won’t even try fighting me.” Shen Yanxiao was not even a bit nervous. 


Finally, she managed to catch a higher demon to practice her skills!


"Are you two going to fight me together? Or do you want to go one by one?” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she asked.


The strength of higher demons was equal to that of Second Stage Professionals. However, Shen Yanxiao had two professions with an Advanced Professional strength. With the combination of her Archer and Warlock professions, it was not impossible for her to fight against a Second Stage Professional. Furthermore, ever since Xiu pointed out the flaws in her attacks, her strength had made a huge progress!  


"Since you have the ability to challenge us both, then we will naturally not be polite to you!" The two higher demons rushed towards the boulder almost at the same time.


The demons were not as hypocritical as the human beings; they would not follow the one-on-one custom of humans in a duel.


The winner was the king, and the loser was the bandit.[1]


That young boy indeed had a bit of skill. To make sure they would not encounter an unexpected failure, they decided to join forces. With that, they did not believe that this little brat had even a slight advantage against the joint forces of two higher demons.


The two higher demons climbed all the way with a quick speed, yet Shen Yanxiao only showed a faint smile. When Long Xueyao’s frightened voice exclaimed, she jumped down from the stone step holding the Purple Baron.


The two higher demons watched as Shen Yanxiao jumped down from the stone step. Their eyes were flashing with a cunning light. They did not directly attack Shen Yanxiao but continued to move towards the stone step instead. 


"Idiot, who wants to fight with you!” When the taller demon saw that he was near the stone step, he could not help but greatly ridicule Shen Yanxiao in his heart.


This young boy in the end was still too naive. Although they were forced to fight with him, it was only because he was in favorable terrain. Now that he had jumped down from that stone step, they could just directly go and grab Long Xueyao away. Who was free enough to accompany him in a battle?!  


The two higher demons were undoubtedly sinister and cunning in nature. 


Just as the taller demon’s hand had reach the stone step and was ready to grab Long Xueyao, ten arrows immediately flew towards him with an frightening speed.


This intense attack forced the taller demon to dodge and he hurriedly shifted to the other side, firmly clinging onto the boulder. 


Meanwhile, the shorter demon finally managed to climb the stone step and he immediately rushed towards Long Xueyao.


[1] Winner takes it all along with the glory and fame, while the loser loses it all and will be known as the bad guy. [I just like this proverb so I just had to keep it XD]

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