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Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao with some hesitation. That period of history was not a glorious one for the Warlocks. It could be said that it was the nightmare of the Warlocks of  the entire Radiance Continent, and also other people's nightmare.


Ye Qing looked at Yun Qi with a somewhat awkward appearance and sighed softly, "You mustn't let those past matters get into your heart too much. In the end, it was the work of a group of black sheep. I believe most Warlocks are innocent." Ye Qing was over 100 years old, but because he was promoted to a Master Pharmacist, his life span had been greatly extended. Therefore, he had some understanding of the Warlock’s chaos many years ago.


He had gone through all of that, and knowing why the Warlocks suffered persecution for that period of time, he naturally was clear about Yun Qi’s worries.


Yun Qi was afraid that once he told Shen Yanxiao about it, she would develop hatred for her own profession.


Yun Qi gratefully glanced at Ye Qing, and finally he took a deep breath and revealed the reason why the Warlocks fell.


“Warlock is a very special profession. People only know that the Warlock's attack skills are very sinister, but they don’t know that every curse technique of the Warlocks contains an extremely terrible power. These curses affect the human body. The veins, the brain, and the consciousness. The first Warlocks only used the curse techniques as a basic attack skills. However, among the Warlocks, there was a group of intelligent people who extracted certain essences from the curses."


"It can act on various parts of the human body and is able to control the various organs of the human body. Some of the Warlocks discovered the deep meaning of that curse and began to study the Forbidden Technique."


"Forbidden Technique?" Shen Yanxiao looked puzzledly at Yun Qi.


Yun Qi said, "The so-called Forbidden Techniques are skills that are not allowed in the Radiance Continent. They will bring immeasurable harm. The Warlocks used the Forbidden Technique on the human body to forcibly change the characteristics of the human body."


Speaking to this point, Yun Qi seemed to be in pain. He struggled for a long time before continuing, "In order to reach the peak of the Forbidden Technique, those Warlocks tried a large number of experiments on living bodies. Their actions were initially secretive, only experimenting on some beggars and orphans. But after they discovered the deep meaning of the Forbidden Technique, they were no longer satisfied to experiment on these kinds of people and began to secretly capture powerful professionals. Warlocks are the kings of sneak attacks. With several Warlocks working together, there were hardly any strong people who could escape their traps. After capturing the strong ones, they locked them up and conducted some secret research.”


“Although they did things carefully, those strong people are different from the beggars and orphans. They have followers and family members, and their disappearances caused panic among their relatives. A large number of powerful people were inexplicably missing, regardless of nationality, regardless of profession. Everyone in the entire Radiance Continent felt in danger at that time. The four countries sent all their forces to trace this matter."


"Did they found out about it?" Shen Yanxiao listened attentively and her heart was secretly scared. Experimenting on the living body... such a thing, she suddenly felt it was a little familiar, but for a time she could not remember where she had heard it.


Yun Qi shook his head.


"I should say that those Warlocks were smart. They wouldn't leave a clue at all."


"What happened after that?"


Yun Qi sighed and smiled wryly, "Because of them using the Forbidden Technique, they created a monster that they couldn't control..."

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