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"I’ll see what I can do." Shen Yanxiao looked thoughtfully at the sky.

Big Brother Siyu, once I see you in the future, can you solve my doubts?

"It's not early anymore. You should quickly go and rest too. And everything you heard today, it’s best if you just forget it." Shen Qiu got up, glanced at Shen Yanxiao, and then left.

Shen Yanxiao sat in the courtyard for a moment before returning to her own room. No one knew that an old man and a young girl discussed secrets from more than ten years ago in this quiet courtyard.

When the sun shone on the ground on the next day, the Vermillion Bird Clan also ushered in a new future.

Shen Yanxiao got up early to check on Shen Feng's condition.

Inside the room, Shen Qiu was sitting at the bedside, waiting for Shen Feng to drink the medicine. Upon seeing Shen Yanxiao, he naturally smiled, as if the talk yesterday did not happen.

“How come Little Xiao is up so early today?" Shen Feng leaned against the headboard of the bed and looked at his granddaughter. His slightly haggard face held a smile.

Regarding the situation of the three Shen rebels, he did not mention anything, as if he knew nothing about it.

Shen Yanxiao took a chair and sat down beside Shen Feng’s bed. Although Shen Feng did not mention it, the darkness in his eyes revealed that he had turned awry last night.

"I have something to discuss with grandfather."

Shen Qiu's figure turned slightly stiff for a moment but soon returned to normal.

"What happened?" Shen Feng asked.

“This time, although Ruan Yingzhe has been killed already, the Vermillion Bird Clan has offended the Broken Star Palace. With the strength of the current Vermillion Bird Clan, I'm afraid we can’t afford to face the revenge of the Broken Star Palace.” Ruan Yingzhe died, but the Broken Star Palace would never stop. And not to mention the Vermillion Bird Clan, even if the five great clans joined forces, they were still probably not the opponent of the Broken Star Palace.

Shen Feng frowned slightly. He had already thought of this problem.

"What are your plans?"

"Even if the Broken Star Palace is powerful, they have no control over time. My territory in the Barren Land has already been completely built. I want to temporarily move the Vermillion Bird Clan to The Rising Sun City." Shen Yanxiao thought about it all night. This was the safest method she could think of.

In the Barren Land, the demons ran rampant. At that time, the Broken Star Palace had also fought along when the four countries besieged the demons of the Radiance Continent, yet they still couldn't kill all the demons. They could only expel them to the Barren Land. Although the Broken Star Palace was tyrannical, their number of strong individuals was ultimately limited. On the other hand, there were millions of demons in Barren Land, of which tens of thousands were higher demons. Broken Star Palace could not directly confront such a scale of demons.

If the Vermillion Bird Clan were temporarily transferred to The Rising Sun City, Shen Yanxiao believed that even if the Broken Star Palace intended to take revenge, it was impossible for them to turn out in full strength.

And if they sent out two or three Second Stage Professionals, under Xiu’s protection, she believed that those who were sent would not be able to return.

"This..." Shen Feng was hesitant. The Barren Land was known to be dangerous. Although it could prevent the attack of the Broken Star Palace to a certain extent, the demons of the Barren Land itself were equally terrible.


Shen Yanxiao had just been in the Barren Land for less than a year’s time. Shen Feng was very worried that because she was concerned about their safety, causing her to reluctantly move them to The Rising Sun City, they would impose a certain amount of burden on her.

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