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When Shen Yanxiao stepped out of the basement, the cold moonlight fell on her body. She narrowed her eyes at the lonely moon.

The enmity of her parents had been settled, yet she did not feel happy.

Why had she been taken away? Why did that person send her back to the Vermillion Bird Clan after five months?

Was she originally not an idiot waste? And who put the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal in her body?

Shen Yanxiao's mind was tangled up as she stood in the darkness, listening to the sounds of silence that surrounded her. Shen Yanxiao was somewhat confused.

“Xiu, Shen Duan said that I was sent back to the Vermillion Bird Clan after five months, but who sent me back? I was just a baby at that time, and when I came back, I already had the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal in me. My appearance when I came back should have been different from before I left with my parents. Even if someone sent me back, who would recognize me as a child of the Vermillion Bird Clan? It's a little strange. Why was Grandpa so certain that I was his grandchild at that time?” Shen Yanxiao always felt that she had missed something.

According to common sense, the Seven Stars Locking Moon sealed her talent and wisdom and also altered her appearance.

Shen Feng had most likely seen her at the time of her birth, and it was absolutely impossible to regard her, whose face had changed, as her granddaughter. After all, her appearance following the seal was not very pleasing, and she looked completely different from Shen Yu and Wen Ya. Coupled with the fact that she did not look the same as the time of her birth, no one would think she was Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Feng had never questioned her bloodline. Even before her appearance had changed back to normal, Shen Feng had still insisted that she was a child of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

This apparent firmness did not make any sense.

“Grandpa definitely knows something.” Shen Yanxiao bit her lip. Shen Feng's conviction certainly had a reason, and it was possible that Shen Feng had seen the person who sent her back!

'Are you going to ask him?' Xiu asked.

Shen Yanxiao was a bit hesitant because Shen Feng had just experienced a blow. Although she let Shen Ling send him back to the room to rest, with Shen Feng's experience, he surely knew she had slaughtered Shen Duan and the others. Her hands were still stained with the blood of those three people. She was afraid that Shen Feng’s mood right now was...

"Tomorrow, now is not the time." Although Shen Yanxiao was curious, she cared more about Shen Feng's health.

"Seventh Miss." An old voice quietly rang out behind Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao turned her head in doubt and saw Shen Qiu behind her, looking at her with a gentle expression.

During Shen Duan and Shen Yue’s rebellion, Shen Qiu had been driven away from the Vermillion Bird Clan, but he had not been far away from the residence. He stood outside the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence every day, watching the movements inside, and the Vermillion Bird Clan’s counterattack today had been heard by Shen Qiu from the outside. He soon returned to the Vermillion Bird Clan and went to see the situation of Shen Feng.

Regarding Shen Qiu, Shen Yanxiao was still grateful because this kind old man took care of her when she was still an idiot. When Vermillion Bird Clan was in danger, he did not leave even though he was driven out of the house. Instead, he stood by the door and looked forward to the moment when the Vermillion Bird Clan would stand up again.

“Uncle Qiu, how’s grandpa’s situation now?” Shen Yanxiao put her two little hands behind her back and secretly rubbed the blood stains of her hands on her clothes.

"The Clan Head’s condition has stabilized, but it is difficult to cure his heart. It will take time." Shen Qiu looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smile. The little girl he watched grow up was now completely unrecognizable. However, her forehead and Shen Yu’s had similarities, which stirred a lot of Shen Qiu’s emotion.



"I will have to trouble Uncle Qiu to take care of my grandpa during this period of time.” Shen Yanxiao did not dare to get too close to Shen Qiu. The blood had a deep and foul smell, she did not want this foul smell to dirty Shen Qiu’s nose.


Shen Qiu looked at the little girl as she was deliberately moving away and couldn't help but laugh.


"I'm a doctor, even corpses and injuries are nothing to me, so you don't have to hide it. I can tell that your body had been contaminated by blood; I could smell it since I arrived in the backyard.”  


Shen Yanxiao scratched her head. For her, Shen Qiu felt like her other grandfather; she could not help but feel warm when around him.



Shen Yanxiao: Uncle Qiu, have you really been standing outside the residence these past days?

Uncle Qiu: Well, lass, of course not! I brought a chair.

Shen Yanxiao: Oh...

Uncle Qiu: I even bought popcorn and smoothies!

Shen Yanxiao: Why... would you buy those?

Uncle Qiu: Of course so I can have a good time watching a show! Though I really didn't watch but listen. Your poisonous tongue girl is really something! hahaha!

Shen Yanxiao: ......

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