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She had too many questions and she wanted answers. It was unsafe to ask about them in the alley so she simply settled down in a restaurant with Shen Yifeng.

Restraining the urge to smash this guy into meat sauce, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and asked, “Shen Yifeng, how did your strength grow by leaps and bounds?”

Shen Yifeng, at this time, had been completely controlled by the curse of Shen Yanxiao. He had lost all his ability to think of his own accord. He could only act like a piece of wood and act according to Shen Yanxiao's instruction. When he heard Shen Yanxiao's question, he didn’t hesitate to answer, "Because of my master. My master gave me formidable strength, ah! This is too wonderful. He made me rise from an Intermediate Swordsman directly to an Advance Swordsman. That feeling is really good.”

Shen Yifeng, who was immersed in the curse, had nothing to do with the outside world. When talking about the growth of his own strength, there was a crazy greed on his handsome face.

"How did he do it?" Shen Yanxiao was quite doubtful. Even if that Ruan Yingzhe were a Second Stage Professional, promoting an Intermediate Swordsman into an Advanced Swordsman within just more than six months was highly impossible.

If a Second Stage Professional could really do such a frightening thing, then wouldn’t the Holy Roland School Magician Branch have long been full of Advanced Magicians for a long time?

With Shen Yanxiao’s next question, Shen Yifeng showed a hint of hesitation.

This made Shen Yanxiao very surprised. Under the control of the curse, Shen Yifeng should say everything he knew without scruples. However, he was hesitant right now. It was clear that the method of increasing one’s power was a secret and could not be disclosed.

However, the purpose of Shen Yanxiao was to dig out all the secrets from Shen Yifeng's mouth. She immediately added two combination curses which strengthened her control of Shen Yifeng.

“The transfer of dou qi. Master said that it is called Dou Qi Transplant. By transferring  the dou qi of a strong person to my body, I can exceed my limit and reach an amazing realm in a short time.” Shen Yifeng finally spat out the answer.

And Shen Yanxiao was extremely shocked by Shen Yifeng's answer.

"Dou Qi Transplant? He had transferred other people's dou qi to your body? How is that possible?!" Even Shen Yanxiao had to be frightened by such news.

Both dou qi and magic were derived from one's painstaking cultivation. It could be said that this kind of thing was intangible. No one could pass their dou qi to others. Everyone could only rely on themselves to achieve great strength.

However, Shen Yifeng's answer had broken this common knowledge.

Even though Shen Yanxiao felt that everything was inconceivable, Shen Yifeng was a living example. In addition to this interpretation, she really did not know what else could explain the soaring strength of Shen Yifeng.

"Xiu, do you know about Dou Qi Transplant?" Shen Yanxiao asked Xiu.

‘I have never heard of it. This is the first time,’ Xiu showed his ignorance of it.

Even this omnipotent guy doesn’t know this Dou Qi Transplant. Just who is that Ruan Yingzhe? He could actually do such a heaven-defying thing?

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and asked immediately, "What is your Master Ruan Yingzhe’s background?"

Shen Yifeng said, "Master is a person of the Broken Star Palace."

Broken Star Palace again? Shen Yanxiao constantly heard this strange place from Shen Yifeng’s mouth. She could tell that this place was not that simple.



However, his words had a huge impact on Shen Yanxiao.


The so-called Broken Star Palace was actually full of Second Stage Professionals?


This was terrible news. But what shocked Shen Yanxiao more was the latter half of what Shen Yifeng said.

Shen Yanxiao: I mean after all, why do I need to care about that if I have an army of demons, whose strength is equal or greater than a second stage professionals?

Shen Yanxiao: The most important thing right now is the last part of what you said, what do they want with the Vermillion Bird?!

Shen Yifeng: Well they-

TO BE CONTINUED... *duh duh duuuh*



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