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"You can rest assured that we will take care of the people here." Qi Xia nodded, and now the hope of the city was pinned on Ye Qing and Yun Qi. He absolutely would not allow The Rising Sun City to be destroyed in front of his eyes.


“That dozens of wells can't be used anymore. Let your Mythological Beasts secretly open up new wells in several houses in the city. Remember that one Mythological Beast and five higher demons must keep an eye on each of these new wells. We absolutely cannot let other people start on us again.” The distribution of water sources inside and outside of The Rising Sun City was scattered. On one side, it was to facilitate the water intake for humans in various places, on the other side, it was to prevent the depletion of one of the water sources. And this gave the others opportunity to harm them. Shen Yanxiao did not expect such a thing to happen. Now, she finally realized that relying on a head-on force alone was not enough to suppress those people's evil intentions. After the suppression, certain security measures must be taken to ensure the safety of The Rising Sun City.


Shen Yanxiao did not have any experience in leading other people in her past life. So with regards on the defense of a city, she still had some deficiencies. But after this time, she would gradually grow up and become a true City Lord.


"The food needs to be guarded as well. You only have to wait for two days, I’ll be right back." Shen Yanxiao was secretly determined that until the time when everyone had recover, she must use the same method to make the Magical Fantasy City taste the same tragedy!


"Then, be careful on your way." The five animals said.


Shen Yanxiao nodded and called Vermillion Bird before leaving the room.


Outside The Rising Sun City, Vermillion Bird turned into a huge firebird, Shen Yanxiao rode on his back as she held the somewhat excited small Phoenix.


Above the sky, she took a look at The Rising Sun City which was basically almost completed. The city which belonged to her.


"Go. To Holy Roland School!"


Within two days, she must be able to invite her two masters!


The life of thousands of people of The Rising Sun City depended on her now!




As the school that had just won the school tournament, the students of entire Holy Roland School had been in a period of honor since then.


Because of this year’s school tournament, Holy Roland School’s reputation in the Long Xuan Empire became even greater. Though it wasn’t the time for new enrollment yet, people from all over the country had already swarmed into Holy Roland School.


However, the purpose of these people was not to enroll, but to see the legendary only Warlock Branch in Long Xuan Empire.


Almost every day, there would be a group of baffling people coming to Holy Roland School Warlock Branch to refresh their cognition.


Although Ouyang Huanyu did not expel this group of busybodies, he still warned all those who went to Holy Roland School Warlock Branch to look around that no one was allowed to enter the Warlock Branch, otherwise they would be kicked out immediately.


Not being able to enter the Warlock Branch made these people very depressed. But they could still stand outside the gate of the Warlock branch to witness where the legendary Warlock had studied, so this trip was still worth it.


The students of the various branches of Holy Roland School had almost become accustomed to these strangers strolling around in their own school. As students, they did not have much conflict with the Warlock identity of Shen Yanxiao.


In any case, Shen Yanxiao was a person of the Holy Roland School. She won the school tournament, the Holy Roland School won the school tournament. As a student here, they were naturally proud.


It must be said that the heart and mind of these still growing children had a quite formidable tolerance!




Shen Yanxiao was about to slip in when a delicate young lady screamed in her face.


That white porcelain doll face had a few dots of playful freckles on. Her eyes were staring at Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised and wasn’t able to make any response quickly.  


"Hey fellow schoolmate! You are a student from the Archer Branch, right? No? Yes?” The young lady’s voice was very excited. Her green eyes were like that of a wolf, bringing chills to a person’s back.



SYX: *nods*

???: Hello! Hello! Hi~!

???: I just want to ask some quetion regarding the Warlock Branch...

SYX: But I'm an archer...

???: But you are still a student of Holy Roland School! It's impossible if you don't know somethings about your fellow schoolmate!

 SYX: Sorry, but I'm not the type to go around asking people about others.

???: Do you mean me? But this is my first time in here, and I have no idea how things are in here!

SYX: Then go bother someone else!

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