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The arrangement of other people's matters continued almost non-stop. Shen Yanxiao couldn't wait to get back into her room. She immediately sat on the bed and waited for Xiu to start unlocking the fifth layer of her seal.

However, just as she waited, a faint figure appeared before her eyes.

His long, dark hair was hanging down. Shen Yanxiao did not know when the bare-footed Xiu appeared in front of her.

Unlike before, today's Xiu seemed to be so real. The gleam coming from the light-congealing crystal in the room covered his skin. It did not directly penetrate his figure, unlike in the past.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned. She blinked her eyes and looked at the elongated shadow of Xiu. She hesitated for a moment before getting up and extending her hands toward Xiu.

Her white, tender fingers gently touched his chest, and the trace of warmth in her fingertips made Shen Yanxiao's heart jump.

She raised her head and looked at the very real Xiu strangely.

“I... touched you?” Shen Yanxiao’s voice was full of astonishment. The warmth on her fingertips was so clear. But she just couldn’t imagine that the Xiu who had always been just a spirit actually appeared in front of her with a seemingly real body. He was no longer a spirit. He was no longer a faintly discernible illusory image. She really touched him and felt the warm temperature from him.

Xiu's indifferent face revealed a trace of almost imperceptible gentleness. He made a faint sound.

Shen Yanxiao jumped away like a frightened rabbit.

"What's going on? Aren’t you a soul?" Touching someone who was supposed to be a soul with her finger made Shen Yanxiao feel like she was dreaming.

Xiu said, "I am a soul. Before, I was too weak to even maintain a spirit image, but after my strength is gradually restored, I can coagulate a body. However, this body cannot be coagulated for too long. I can only maintain this body for only about ten minutes or so."

Could a soul coagulate a body?

Shen Yanxiao couldn’t believe her ears. The only thing she could be sure of was that Xiu was definitely not a human!

It was impossible for human beings to coagulate a body when they became a soul. The only ones who could do such things in this world were only two races...

The God Race and Demon Race.

Only these two most powerful races in the world could achieve this almost immortal state. The damage to their body was not enough to kill the powerful Gods and Demons. Only by destroying their souls could they be truly killed.

"Xiu... Are you a God? Or a Demon?" Shen Yanxiao was suddenly curious about Xiu’s identity. Vermillion Bird had suspected that Xiu was a God, but only the demons would consume dark elements.


Xiu tilted his head. There was no facial expression on his handsome face. His long, dark hair spread on his left shoulder as he moved. His peerlessly handsome face was like cut out from a painting, making people unable to shift their gaze.

"Is it important to you? Whether I'm a God or a Demon?" Xiu asked.

Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth. She really had never cared about from what race he was. However, she did not know why she suddenly wanted to know.

"I just want to make sure if you are the last of the God Race or the Demon Race in the world. Studying the history is not too much for me." Shen Yanxiao gave him an awkward excuse. She just couldn't explain what was with her sudden curiosity.

Xiu's lips moved slightly, seemingly laughing.

"The Demon Race did not perish. They were simply pressed back into the underworld by the temporary God Race. That time, the last standing God of the God Race used his Godhood to seal the passage of the demon realm to the human world, making them temporarily disappear from the human world."

[Note: The temp God Race here, I believe it is the God's Domain. ]

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