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"City Lord, those few bastards want you to go over there." The higher demon looked upset and walked in front of Shen Yanxiao.

“Want Little Xiao to go where?” The five animals uniformly stood in front of Shen Yanxiao wearing face-changing masks. Their peerless and handsome faces were now replaced by ordinary features. If they were thrown into the crowd right now, they would not be noticeable at all.

"Qi Xia?" Du Lang looked at the youth with uncertainty. The contrast before and after was somewhat too great.

Qi Xia touched his now ordinary-looking face and said, "The mask created by Ah-Xi is really good."

"That’s right, what did you just say a moment ago? Who are the bastards that want Little Xiao to go?" Tang Nazhi jerked at the side of the higher demon and asked.

"It's the bastards from the Imperial Capital." The higher demon had been unhappy with them since the beginning.

"The Special Envoy?"

"There are also Prince Long Yue and State Preceptor Pei Yuan." Du Lang added.

"Long Yue, that little brat has come?" For Long Yue, several animals were not unfamiliar.

All of them were the most powerful younger generation of Long Xuan Empire. Apart from Li Xiaowei, the four animals had seen him several times.

“Pei Yuan actually also came along. This old man is indeed hard to deal with. Anyway, you all seemed a bit strange a moment ago. What happened when we were away?” Qi Xia asked.

Du Lang tactfully stated how Li Qi had insulted Shen Yanxiao earlier. The faces of several animals immediately became unpleasant.

“What kind of thing is that Li Qi? He dared to say such things to our family's Little Xiao? Believe it or not, I can pinch him to death with one finger!” Tang Nazhi was immediately angered. They might be making fun of Shen Yanxiao sometimes, but she was their treasured younger sister. They would not allow others to bully her. Not to mention Li Qi who was only an official, even if it were the Emperor of the Long Xuan Empire, they would dare to fight.

"Well, no need to say so much, I'll go." Shen Yanxiao was having a terrible headache. She had no intention of making trouble at the moment.

Several animals looked queerly at the calm little face of Shen Yanxiao. It was difficult for them to imagine that this black-bellied little fellow would swallow her anger just like that.

"Let's not speak of it then. But if you will go, we will accompany you. As a City Lord, having a few personal servants around you is better." Yan Yu smooth things over. He believed that Shen Yanxiao's patience must have some reasons.

As a result, Shen Yanxiao had gone with the five animals and Vermillion Bird. Yin Jiuchen and Lan Fengli were very upset about Li Qi and the others. Shen Yanxiao was afraid that these two children would not be able to control their emotions, so she simply let them go rest first.

As soon as they arrived before Li Qi and others, Li Qi's face was instantly pulled down.

“The City Lord is really awe-inspiring. His Highness the Prince and State Preceptor are here, yet City Lord still expects to be invited with pomp and circumstance? I really don’t know who in the Long Xuan Empire can enter your eyes.” Li Qi ridiculed.

With just one face to face, the five animals had already experienced a profound understanding of why Du Lang and others' faces were so ugly. This Li Qi's mouth was really stinking and his arrogance was also quite big. People couldn't help but want to slap both sides of his face.

Fortunately, the five animals were very experienced. Shen Yanxiao did not speak, so they also did not make any action.

The corners of Shen Yanxiao’s mouth raised a smile. She directly ignored Li Qi’s words. Looking at the table full of steamed buns which had not been moved a bit, she was already clear as to what the matter was.

She assumed that these three pampered guys certainly could not settle eating just these big white steamed buns.

What a pity that this thing was the best food that her Rising Sun City could offer to the guests. Whether they would eat them or not, it was up to them.

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