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Edited by Wyte.


Tang Nazhi evidently did not think that there was an arrow in this world that could change direction after release. Watching the arrow coming directly towards him, and thinking it was already too late to dodge it, he quickly raised the sword in his hands to split the coming arrow into two.

The arrow which was flying at a fast speed was cut in half; it had completely been split from the center.

The two half arrows, however, did not stop their fast attack; they flew past Tang Nazhi's cheeks.

Tang Nazhi suck in a breath of cold air. He felt two cold wind brushed past his cheeks, then a trace of stinging gradually spread on them.

Tang Nazhi subconsciously raised his hand and touched his stinging cheek; his fingertips touched a trace of warmth.

When he put his hand in front of his eyes, his fingertips suddenly exposed a red blood.

How could this be possible? Just now, he had clearly used his sword to split the arrow in half, how could he still be injured by the arrow?

Although the wound was not deep, and actually just scratches, this still caused a huge impact on Tang Nazhi's heart.

The two split up arrows clearly flew one centimeter away from his cheeks and did not actually touch him, yet he was still wounded.

This was simply unbelievable.

"What happened?" The people on the sidelines were dazzled by this marvelous scene.

It had to be said that Shen Yanxiao's broken arrow just now had performed a superb artistic achievement, making everyone slap the table and shout with praises.

It was simply unthinkable to let an arrow change direction halfway.

It must be a chilling experience for Tang Nazhi to respond at such a fast pace and split the invisible arrow from the center.

But all of these was still nothing compared to the impact of the two bruises on Tang Nazhi's cheeks to the surrounding people.

Everyone saw that there was some distance between the two broken arrows and Tang Nazhi's cheeks, so how in the world would it still leave a scratch on his face?

There were a lot of Archers among the onlookers. Even after thinking hard to the point of wanting to break their heads, they still could not recall if there was such an Archer skill wherein an arrow could still inflict a damage even if it was still some distance away from the target!

"I say, you're such a big idiot, underestimating others will only make yourself suffer." Shen Yanxiao's mouth had a trace of a smile, looking at the stunned Tang Nazhi with some evil intentions.

Just because other Archers could not do it did not mean that she could not as well.  Unfortunately, there were only a handful of people in the world who could have a dual-cultivation of magic and dou qi, and in the Radiance Continent, the one who could cast a single curse technique in an arrow was also only her!

"What?" Tang Nazhi just wanted to ask what was going on in the end, but in the next second, his feet suddenly turned soft and his entire body was as if it had been dropped with thousands of tons of boulders, rapidly being plastered on the ground.

His eyes quickly turned and his hand swiftly stuck the sword on the ground to support his body, not letting himself to fall completely.

But even so, that thousand tons of heavy load on his body still made him feel extremely overwhelmed.

"Big brother Nazhi!" Shen Jiayi panicked. Tang Nazhi, who was in a good condition just a moment ago, was actually being overwhelmed; what was going on?

The people on the sides watching this play were also shocked that they almost stared their eyes out!

How could the young swordsman, who had just an imposing air a moment ago, become extremely weak in the blink of an eye? Watching as he was struggling to support his body with the sword, everyone thought that they were hallucinating.

Under the shocked gazes of people, Shen Yanxiao, holding the Purple Baron, approached the half-kneeling Tang Nazhi step-by-step.

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