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Thank you for everyone that participated in the contest!  We had fun time looking at the arts you guys made.

So after counting the votes and discussing with one another we finally got the result for the contest~!


Most voted art.

1st - Xu Xian

Conrats Xu Xian! :D 

I feel like I've saw that person somewhere... (¬‿¬)


Here are the other arts that almost made it:

2nd - August Skies 3rd - arlyn arlyn, lazybuns, Rakah & silhouette


BEST ART 1st - Rakah

Congrats Rakah for getting all the judges approval! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


2nd - silhouette 3rd - Xu Xian


Congratulations for everyone that reached the top 3!

Xu Xian and Rakah, contact me to claim your prize.

We would also like to use this moment to give a special mention to BL Lover for her "voting campaign" where she even had a video for it *don't bother looking at the Server for the link, a certain glitch delete it*

Also great thumbs up for xKimmyx for creating a short fan fiction *instead of fan art* in the server! You can still find it at the Discord Server, you just need to search it up~ ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

Here are the rest of the arts:

You can check them out at our Discord Server!

Thanks to our awesome patrons!

Inferior Magical Beast

[julia][SleepyPanda][KJ][Park TaeJoon][santi p. k.][Mochakat9][Ann]

Intermediate Magical Beast

[สมพีช คิดว่าจะผอม][VioletKunoichi][Christine GL.][Michi]

Advanced Magical Beast

[rkdewi][Kelly C.][Serene][Appule Pie][Macy T.][Theresa M.][Reading Demon][fancytofu][Louise T.][Fubaurutsu][Lauren]

Mythological Beast

[Monica D.][Audrey][Suleka]

Holy Beast

[Marcheilla G.][Lori][Kinki][Kang Vang][Rebekah L.][Steph][iWulf][K][David A.][Daniel FH.][Thet A.][Cecille L.][Haydan][Ctctctct]

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