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 It was a dilapidated thatched house, and the wind was creaking through its wooden door.

Little Ke walked inside leading Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird. The dim room could only be illuminated by the sunlight coming through the door and windows.

"Uncle Jiu! Uncle Jiu!" Little Ke called out.

A stooped old man walked slowly along with his cane, his wrinkled face was covered with weather-beaten traces, and his narrowed eyes looked very old.

"Brat, what’s the big idea shouting so loudly, this old man’s ears have no difficulty hearing yet." Uncle Jiu scolded Little Ke, his turbid eyes darted to Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird who were standing beside Little Ke.

"Hey, Uncle Jiu, I'm in a hurry to find you." Little Ke honestly grasped his head.

"These two children are?" Uncle Jiu asked.

Little Ke immediately explained, "Uncle Jiu, these two children are so pitiful. They were following their family to run their business, the result was that they met bandits halfway, the people had been scattered, and these two were muddled and arrived at our village. Uncle Jiu you must help these two children ah. "

While on the way, Shen Yanxiao found a decent reason for her and Vermilion Bird’s emergence. Little Ke firmly believed it and told this to Uncle Jiu.

Uncle Jiu looked at the two fragile children in front of him. He turned silent for a moment before sighing faintly.

"Really poor children. You both find a place to sit down and I will go prepare some food for you. It’s also getting late. There is no other place besides our village nearby. Let’s wait if your loved ones will come, if not, I will try to send you back tomorrow. "

Shen Yanxiao was somewhat surprised at the words of Uncle Jiu. Little Ke did not say less about Uncle Jiu along the way. He was not only the chief of the village, but also the only doctor in this village. Shen Yanxiao thought that the other party would be somewhat shrewd. But now it seemed that he was as simple as the other villagers.

There was no other questions at all. Just by Little Ke's words, the old man believed in the origin of the two of them, and had not intention of asking any further.

If Shen Yanxiao didn’t know that the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps met a mishap in this village, then it would be very difficult for her to associate the people in this village with the word danger.

"Hey, I already let Old Ba get some food for these two children a moment ago. Uncle Jiu you see, these two little ones are thin, they must have suffered a lot along the way..." Little Ke was very concerned as he opened his mouth.

"It’s naturally not easy to encounter these things at such a young age." Uncle Jiu responded.

Little Ke said with a smile, "Uncle Jiu, now that you're here, why don't you also take a look at the wound on my back? I've been itching a lot these days."

Uncle Jiu nodded.

Little Ke took off his clothes, revealing a strong upper body.

On that red date-colored back, a large ferocious wound appeared in Shen Yanxiao’s line of sight.

That wound was very large that it almost covered the entire back of Little Ke. Although already a scab, it was still shocking.

Uncle Jiu checked Little Ke and said to the stunned Shen Yanxiao at the side, "Did it scared you guys? Little Ke accidentally fell a while ago, rubbing off the skin on his back. If you feel scared, you can sit here for a while. Come with me Little Ke, I'll give you some more medicine which should make you fine after a while.”

After he spoke, Uncle Jiu took Little Ke to the room at the other side.

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