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The glorious God Race and the formidable Demon Race had become a legend in the long flow of history. The power that their battle had left behind resulted in indelible marks on those ancient battlefields.

Just like Mount Ku Luo, Sun Graveyard was a forbidden area for humans.

There were only few people who set their foot in there, so even though Du Lang spent a lot of effort, he only got a little bit of information.

"Can you tell me about the small village that you pass by?" Shen Yanxiao listened to Du Lang's interpretation of the Sun Graveyard, her heart stirring with complicated emotions.

The two races who once stood at the peak of the world, although had long been perished, left too many indelible marks on this continent, that the people who were currently living in the Radiance Continent still remembered those unforgettable moments.

No matter how powerful they were, in the end they could still not withstand the destruction of time, in the field of time, all living things were merely a negligible existence.

"That village isn’t that far from the Sun Graveyard. At first we were surprised when we found out that there is a village near an ancient battlefield. At the time we were entering the village, I was carefully observing the villagers and found that they were very simple and honest in nature, and instead of being alarmed by the group of outsiders, they welcomed us warm heartedly. I observed until the night and still nothing inappropriate happened. They even meticulously gave us a place to stay in, and so the whole group took a rest that night.” Du Lang said, and he couldn’t help but sighed. Thanks to his wrong judgement, the whole Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps met a disaster.

Shen Yanxiao listened attentively. After knowing where the Skeleton Flowers were, no matter what danger she would face, she would still make a trip and go to that place.

"Big Brother Du, can you give me a map to the Sun Graveyard? I would like to go there tomorrow.”

"You want to go to the Sun Graveyard?” Du Lang stared wide-eyed at her, wondering if he didn’t hear it wrongly.

"Huo Xiao, do you not understand? Sun Graveyard is too dangerous. We weren’t even that close when we encountered such accident, who knows what will happen after entering the Sun Graveyard!” Du Lang hastened to persuade her.

If Shen Yanxiao really wanted to go to the Sun Graveyard, then she must pass the small village first.

That place was the nightmare of the whole Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps; Du Lang didn’t want Shen Yanxiao to meet an accident out there.

"Although I do not know what you want to do with the Skeleton Flower, but we can think of other ways. In the whole Radiance continent, it’s impossible that this flower can only be found in one place. Just wait for a while, I will find some reliable people to take a look; you can’t take your life as a joke!” There were at least nearly a hundred people in their team, yet none of them were able to escape unharmed, and now Shen Yanxiao actually wanted to go alone, this was just too reckless.  

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

"Big Brother Du, do not worry, I have my own way, and beside me, my friend will also go along with me.”

Du Lang looked surprised to see Vermillion Bird standing beside Shen Yanxiao, his mood immediately became complicated.

Shen Yanxiao herself was still a young kid, and this person standing beside her was even younger -he wouldn’t be able to help her at all, ah!

Du Lang wanted to persuade her again, but he could see that Shen Yanxiao had a "I have decided" posture.

No matter how Du Lang and the other six wolves persuaded her, she still didn’t budge.

In his desperation, Du Lang wanted to pick a few members in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps who only have light injuries to go with her, but Shen Yanxiao refused.

Ordinary mercenaries would be of little use in the Sun Graveyard. With Shen Yanxiao’s unique body and methods, along with the help of Vermillion Bird and Xiu, it would be a lot easier to search heaven and earth without other people around.

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