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Looking at Vermillion Bird’s pitiful appearance, Shen Yanxiao could only secretly sigh in the end.

"Forget it. I’ll ignore this matter for a while. I might go in a trip these following days and you will come with me.” She needed to go to the Sun Graveyard at once after Du Lang woke up. Once he woke up, she could ask him about the situation clearly and confirm if the Skeleton Flower was really in that place, then if it was really in there she would immediately set out.

Vermillion Bird secretly felt relieved. Before Shen Yanxiao’s scolding, he simply had no way to talk back.

However, although Shen Yanxiao decided not to look into the matter of Vermillion Bird's destroying others' things further, he would not be let off so easily.

[Annoying Sky: Poor Vermillion Bird. If I was him I would put the blame on SYX saying this what happens if you left me with a bird I don’t like XD Cause seriously, if you just woke up after a long journey of vomiting in a hotel with a companion you hate, then don’t expect that everything would be fine~]

When night time came and it was time to rest, Shen Yanxiao directly went to occupy the only bed in the room.

Vermillion Bird could only cry secretly and bit his lips for the injustice, silently, he went towards the corner of the room to sleep on the floor.


[Raz-P: Aww. Imagine VB's appearance is only a 3-4 years old child, watching him sleeping on the floor is just too much. XD]

Early in the next morning, Vicious Wolf was so anxious to see Shen Yanxiao. He rushed to the hotel where she was staying at to inform her that Du Lang had just woken up.

Taking Vermillion Bird and the small Phoenix with her, Shen Yanxiao followed Vicious Wolf and rushed to the headquarters of Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.

Du Lang had woken up, and although he was still a bit weak, his situation wasn’t so serious anymore.

The moment he saw Shen Yanxiao, Du Lang felt somewhat excited. The six wolves told him everything that Shen Yanxiao did yesterday. Although originally, Du Lang only invited Shen Yanxiao as a guest to win her over, he had never thought of making her pay, and even after they encountered this accident, he didn’t blame her for even the tiniest bit.

He had never expected any rewards for this mission, yet unexpectedly the other party still rewarded them, this let Du Lang have certain understanding of Shen Yanxiao’s temperament.

This usually quiet little guy took the responsibility and did anything he could to not let them be in a disadvantage.

"Huo Xiao, thank you for your potions, and thank you for your kindness. If there’s anything you need in the future, just tell me.” Du Lang secretly sighed unceasingly. Thankfully, his judgement was usually accurate.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said, "If it wasn’t because of the item that I wanted, Big Brother Du wouldn’t be in such a critical situation.That’s why I can’t just ignore this situation. I apologize if you have suffered a lot because of it.” For Shen Yanxiao, money and potions were nothing, she would never mistreat those who were sincerely working for her.

Moreover, she also liked this group of mercenaries from Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They were all sincere and loyal. Today, when she came, the entire members of the mercenary corps showed their unprecedented enthusiasm. This group of mercenaries really treated her as their own people.

Money and riches were easy to obtain, it was sincere and loyal friends that were hard to find.

Du Lang smiled. The members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps were very passionate people; they value their friendship with great importance to the point they were willing to sacrifice themselves for it.

This accident had actually let the team genuinely accept Shen Yanxiao.  

"Big Brother Du, I want to ask you about the Sun Graveyard. I wonder if you can tell me some information.” Shen Yanxiao asked.

After mentioning the Sun Graveyard, Du Lang’s brows wrinkled up immediately.

"Some time ago, I got some information from a friend that there are Skeleton Flowers in the Sun Graveyard, but because they were just passing by at that time, they weren’t really that clear with the situation and only know there are Skeleton Flowers there. So before I went to the Sun Graveyard, I gathered some more information about it before setting out…”


Sun Graveyard used to be an ancient battlefield. The Demon Clan’s leader at that time killed the God of Sun; hence, it was called the Sun Graveyard. After a long time, the place turned into ruins, and the bones that had piled up into mountains had become a pile of loess over the time.  

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