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Inside the room, Shen Yanxiao sat on a chair with her legs overlapped and arms folded on her chest. Her expression was dark as she stared at some Mythological Beast kneeling in midair and a foolish creature squatting on the Mythological Beast’s head.

Vermillion Bird kneeled in midair. The ear that had just suffered from ravaging was completely red. Those big eyes that was peeking at its own master from time to time had a trace of guilty conscience. Seeing the posture of his master which was obviously criticizing them, he immediately drooped his head down.

The small Phoenix was unaware of the danger of the current situation. It slanted its small head and blinked that pair of ignorant big eyes at a miserable and gloomy individual, not understanding anything.

"Is this the first time?" Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes and squeezed the words out of her teeth.

Vermillion Bird’s round little body trembled, he said shivering, "First... ah... ... ... ..."

"Ah?" Shen Yanxiao’s expression turned severe.

Vermillion Bird was immediately startled and he stammered, “... the seventh time......"

"Seventh time! You’ve been putting seven fire this month! Do you want to burn this hotel into ashes?" Shen Yanxiao stared at the pitiful face of Vermillion Bird, and she simply wanted to slap this destructive fellow so strong which would directly send him meters away.

Vermilion Bird hummed his head low. In the face of his master’s anger, he was very guilty.

The few times before when Shen Yanxiao came to see him, he had used the money that Shen Yanxiao left to block the hotel owner's mouth, who knew that he would actually be caught by Shen Yanxiao today!

"I ... I didn’t mean it..." Vermillion Bird muttered.

"Oh? Then tell me how did you lit other people’s shops aflame." Shen Yanxiao lightly humphed.

Vermillion Bird promptly held down the silly small Phoenix and stared at it for a fleeting moment, then he stretched out his arms and carried it to Shen Yanxiao.

"Blame this little thing. Nevermind running around all over the place, but when I go down to eat a meal, it will provoke a lot of things and stir up trouble."

The small Phoenix's stupid adorable eyes kept on blinking, completely unaware that it had been made to be a scapegoat, it instead merrily fanned its little wings and issued a pleasant "chirp" "chirp" sound.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow.

"Stir up trouble? You tell me, what did it do?"

Vermillion Bird said, "It's because this guy is too ugly that it frightens the rest of the people in the shop. They cry out strangely all day long, and they make it hard for me to eat…... That's why I gave it a little punishment."

"Cry out strangely?" Shen Yanxiao did not believe Vermillion Bird's rhetoric at all. What was that about small Phoenix being too ugly? Could he think of anything else!

Although the small Phoenix had not yet grown up, its pudgy appearance was very adorable, and the imposing aura its body exuded was not weak, coupled with its fluffiness, it absolutely couldn’t be hooked up with the word ugly.

"Can you come up with a more plausible excuse for me!" Shen Yanxiao shouted.

Vermillion Bird held his breath, looking at his fierce master, he suddenly wanted to cry.

This really should not be blamed on him. Every time he went down to eat with the small Phoenix, there would always be a large group of people around them discussing. A few times, there were several young ladies who came to tease the small Phoenix, but it was still not worth mentioning. What was the most unbearable was that that group of women was actually so delusional to touch his own face!

God knows, in this life, the most annoying thing for Vermillion Bird was women. He released a ball of fire in a fit of rage, directly burning the flower-like faces of that group of idiot women who had turned pale in an instant.


And today was even more outrageous, there was actually a big person who didn’t have any eyes wanting to touch him. If Vermillion Bird could stay calm after this, then he was not Vermillion Bird!

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