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In the midst of the man’s astonishment, Shen Yanxiao had already pulled back the bowstring. A faint purple glow had once again enveloped the bow. The moment that Shen Yanxiao released the bowstring from her three fingers, the dark gray feather arrow turned into a dark shadow with a touch of purple radiance. It seemed like a lightning as it flew away towards the target!


In the spacious shooting range, only a snapping sound could be heard. The arrow that was shot straight through the bull’s eye was nailed into the wall behind the target.


“Impossible!” The middle-aged man was shocked to see the scene before his eyes. He was very familiar with the target at the shooting field of the division master. It was all made with iron. Let alone the ordinary archers, even if it’s a strong archer using a powerful skill, it’s absolutely impossible to run through it.


However, such an impossible thing had happened before his eyes.


Not only did the gray feather arrow ran through the entire target, its half was even embedded in the walls.


What a formidable strength!


The eyes of the middle-aged man was no longer full of regret as he looked at Shen Yanxiao. The shock in his eyes couldn’t be erased.


Even though the most basic posture of this little devil was wrong, yet he was still able to hit the bull’s eye and the arrow even pierced the wall. Even if the force of the arrow was strengthened by this bow which was made from the heaven wood, but that precision was not something a layman could pull off.


“Haha! Very good! It seems you really are the real deal kid!” The division master was feeling excited as he puffed out a ring-shaped smoke. His face was wrinkled with laughter.


Shen Yanxiao was also stupefied. She didn’t expect that the effect of her shooting the arrow would be so astonishing. How come this is a bow? It’s basically an AK47, okay!


In the modern society, where could you find a bow that had been specifically designed to not only shoot the target but also penetrate the walls?


If it wasn’t because this martial arts field was built underground and was surrounded by thick ground walls, it was feared that the arrow had long flew out of the wall to who knows where.


Shen Yanxiao’s worldview was refreshed again.


“Kid, it seems like you haven’t learned archery yet?” The man could no longer hold back the shock in his heart and went straight to Shen Yanxiao’s side.


Judging it with his eyes, it was obvious that this little kid had only imitated his own posture when he made his stance. Hence, it was kind of out of place. Even his archery gestures were a huge mistake. It’s definitely not a mistake that someone who’s been trained with a bow would make.


If you wanted to be an archer, you need to learn the proper movement of shooting an arrow at the very least. Only with an accurate and solid foundation could make the hand that’s holding the bow stable.


Shen Yanxiao nodded very honestly.


The middle-aged man took a deep breath and asked: “Do you want to develop your future as an archer?”


“Probably.” Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at the division master at the side who’s smiling like an old fox and gave the man an ambiguous answer.


The middle-aged man asked again: “What rank does your dou qi has reached right now?” No matter how unsightly this little kid’s posture was, he’s definitely a good seedling as an archer! When the time comes when he had broken through to rank 6, he would be able to shine on the archer’s path by the careful tuning of a mentor.


“Rank 6.” Shen Yanxiao conservatively replied.


The man was obviously stunned. He examined the 13 or 14 years old little guy from head to toe.


Such a young age and had broken through to rank 6?


 *Note: 紫爵  Zǐ jué : Zǐ means purple, jué means a rank of nobility, can be also translated as Viscount / Purple Nobility / Purple Jazz. But I think Purple Baron sounds better.

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