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"After the Priest reached the Second Stage Profession, he would become an Archpriest and could summon an instrument used in rituals: a totem. The totems of different attributes could bring different effects. The combination of different totems could bring out incredible power.


Yan Yu summoned a totem at this time, and it instantly stupefied all the people.


"Dang! That kid is a Second Stage Professional Archpriest!" Incredulous screams rang out from the crowd one after another.


The Priest had the weakest attack force in the six major professions. However, when the Priests succeeded in breaking through the second stage, they would change from being a support-type profession to a support-offensive-type profession. The totems used by Archpriests could not only protect themselves and their teammates, but also attack the enemies. And the effect was definitely no worse than a Magicians’ attacks.


"How could this be? The Second Stage Profession Archpriest has not appeared in the Radiance Continent for a hundred years now. How could he have become an Archpriest?!" Everyone could not believe their eyes. The characteristics of the Priest professions had made them vulnerable in battle, and it also led to the slow advancement of the strength of many Priests. Reaching this Second Stage Profession as a Priests was equivalent to re-arranging all the professional characteristics of the Priest profession, from being just a support type to also being offensive; the difficulty of this process could be imagined.


The Priests could be said to take the longest to reach the Second Stage Profession among the six major professions. Even in the Radiance Continent, there had been no known Priests to reach this realm.


But now, a living Archpriest was standing in front of their eyes, and what made them cough up blood even more was that this Archpriest was only 16 or 17 years old...


Among the crowds, those who were cultivating the Priest profession could not wait to die after seeing the real strength of Yan Yu.


To think that they had been working hard for decades, but they were not as good as that teenager; it was simply a discredit to the faces of their elders, ah ah ah ah!


The totem in the hands of Yan Yu was quickly placed in front of the six people, after which a translucent blue protective screen immediately appeared above the ring.


Compared with the Priest's light shield, the totem created a protective screen that could not only resist attacks, but also seriously injure enemies that would attempt to break this protective screen.


As soon as the ten high-level magical beasts hit the protective screen, they were immediately struck by a series of lightning, and the sharp pain forced them to fall back.


Everyone was completely speechless. That thing was created by a Second Stage Professional Archpriest, who the hell could break it!


"Mengmeng, you stay here. We’re going for some exercise." The five animals had been eager to get in action. The screen made by Yan Yu was not to protect them, but to protect Shen Yanxiao's little apprentice, Nangong Mengmeng .


"Ah? But..." Nangong Mengmeng still wanted to protest, but the five animals had already whistled out of the screen under her eyes.


For a time, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. The five animals immediately launched an attack against the ten magical beast at the same time.


At this moment, the entire venue was boiling, and the crowds, after witnessing the shots of the five animals, finally realized how stupid their thoughts were.


"Divine Strike! Goodness! That boy is a Second Stage Professional Paladin!"


"No way! At the age of 16 or 17, that youth could already use the Magic Arrow Skill of the Second Stage Profession Magic Archer!"


"Look, ah! Magical Missile! An attack spell of the Second Stage Profession Magister!"


"Someone pinch me! This isn't real, ah! That kid actually used Shattering Cut of the Second Stage Profession Swordmaster!"


After the exposure of Yan Yu's strength, Yang Xi, Qi Xia, Li Xiaowei, and Tang Nazhi had also revealed their true skills. The five major Second Stage Professions had instantly shattered everyone's thinking.


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