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A match was just a match. But if the Mythological Beast of the City Lord of Twilight City really took action against the City Lord of The Rising Sun City after the match was over, then it would be a violation of the Four Nations Agreement and the meaning would be different.


This was a declaration of war, a declaration of war between nations!


The atmosphere seemed to have turned serious at this moment. The people of The Rising Sun City stood up almost immediately. The five animals and Nangong Mengmeng were ready to summon their magical beasts to help Shen Yanxiao.


However, at this time, Shen Yanxiao, who was standing on the ring, chuckled.


She crossed her arms over her chest, looking at the enraged Redflame Beast under the ring in a calm and unruffled manner. She then said slowly, "This is the temperament of vicious beasts? You really think too highly of yourself, don’t you? Since you can't afford to lose, why should you bother signing a contract with a human? If not because of your incompetence, how could you let your master lose under my hand?"


The Redflame Beast opened his mouth and roared at Shen Yanxiao, revealing his sharp fangs.


"Who’s incompetent?!"


Shen Yanxiao slightly raised an eyebrow. There was no sign of fear or cowardice between her brows.


"Well, it’s the one who has lost the match."


"You think that you, just a mere human, and this crippled Vermillion Bird can really become my opponent?! If not because the space of this ring is limited, I would have already killed you hundreds of times! If you hadn’t set a trap and made me lose my insight, do you really think that you could win?" His pride as a Mythological Beast would not let the Redflame Beast accept such failure.


The moment he fell off the ring, the Redflame Beast had already understood Shen Yanxiao’s tricks.


She had created a diversion. She let him think that her goal was Duan Hen, forcing him to be distracted from the match while trying to protect Duan Hen from danger, which then gave her the opportunity to strike against his stability; which the Vermillion Bird had then taken advantage of.


Truly very despicable!


Shen Yanxiao, however, sneered at him and said, "Better than being deceived. You claimed to be a vicious beast, yet you don’t even have the slightest hint of a brain. So what if you have a formidable amount of strength? Without a brain, your strength might be unrivalled in the whole world but it would just take a little scheme to bring you down. It’s not that I’m despicable, you’re just stupid. Your skills are not as good as those of humans, and yet you still have the nerve to clamor here.”


Shen Yanxiao’s words were not a bit polite. Her sentences pointed to the fact that the Redflame Beast was just a musclehead who only knew simple attacks. And this was the reason why the Redflame Beast had been defeated.


From this, a lot of people could not help but feel ridiculous thinking that such a Mythological Beast had already lived for thousands of years but could not even use its brain and only knew how to use brute force.


The Redflame Beast’s face was a bit blue. This was the first time he had encountered a human being who dared to talk to him like that.


However, all of Shen Yanxiao’s words were true. No matter how unreasonable the Redflame Beast was, he could not justify himself nor deny Shen Yanxiao’s accusation.


"You humans are too cunning." The Redflame Beast could only growl and utter some poor retort.


Shen Yanxiao lightly saluted his words as she looked smilingly at the Redflame Beast.


"Thank you for the praise. There are dangers in every corner of the world. If you don't have a brain, then you won’t be able to know how you’ll die, now will you?"


The Redflame Beast coughed up blood. He had never seen such a shameless human being before. He was obviously humiliating her for being cunning, yet she actually acted as if she had been praised for having a good brain and even thanked him!


"Don't be too complacent. This time, I’ve underestimated my opponent. If in the future we encounter each other again, you may not have such good luck at that time!" The Redflame Beast was still full of wrath, but Shen Yanxiao’s mockery made him feel truly ashamed. If they really fought now, he feared that he might become even more angry out of shame and would not have the face to continue mixing in the world of magical beasts anymore.


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