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Duan Hen continued to attack Shen Yanxiao who was positioned on Vermillion Bird’s back, but in the next second when he released an arrow, a silver light suddenly flew from his right side!


The Redflame Beast reacted almost at the first instant, twisting his head and biting the silver light.


Hanging in the mouth of the Redflame Beast was a silver arrow!


"Where did that arrow come from?" Duan Hen slightly frowned. This arrow came so suddenly. If the Redflame Beast had not reacted fast enough, perhaps he would have been hit by it.


And at the same time as Duan Hen was puzzling over things, there was dead silence in the entire venue.


Everyone was stunned silly as they looked at Shen Yanxiao on the back of Vermillion Bird.


Shen Yanxiao’s hand was holding a dark purple longbow!


"This... what's going on..." Everyone was dumbfounded.


They all knew that Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock, but... As a Warlock, she actually picked up a bow and arrow that were normally used by Archers. What was with this situation?


What made them feel even more incredulous was the next scene: Shen Yanxiao actually shot out ten arrows in the blink of an eye, all of which flew towards Duan Hen at a rapid speed.


The speed of each arrow was astonishingly fast; this was not inferior to Duan Hen’s attack at all.


In fact……


It was even faster than Duan Hen’s attacks!


The continuous attacks of Shen Yanxiao finally made the Redflame Beast and Duan Hen understand what was going on. The Redflame Beast angrily burned down the arrow in his mouth into ashes, and then spat a few flames out toward the oncoming ten arrows. 


But in the next moment, when the flames were about to touch the arrows, the ten arrows, as if they had consciousnesses, suddenly shifted directions, each of them turning away to avoid all the flames, after which they collided in midair, directly raising the speed of the front-most arrow to an amazing limit— a speed that the human eye could not capture— and with a swish, it continued to rush toward Duan Hen.


The speed of this arrow was far more than the previous one. The Redflame Beast never thought that these arrows would change direction. When he reacted, the arrow had already flown over his eyes and was about to hit Duan Hen. The Redflame Beast immediately lifted his front hooves and stood up, using his body to block the deadly arrow.


The Redflame Beast was not worried that this arrow would hurt him. A human arrow had no lethal effect on Mythological Beasts.


However, when the arrow passed through the flames on his fur and penetrated directly into his flesh, the Redflame Beast was completely shocked.


He could feel a numbness spreading from the wound made by the arrow.


How was this possible?


A human being had actually hurt him!


The Redflame Beast was very bewildered.


Shen Yanxiao’s stunning blow made the people in the entire venue exclaim.


As a Warlock, not only had she successfully used a bow and arrow, but she had also exceeded everyone's expectations. She had actually stabbed the flesh of the Redflame Beast?


This was just crazy!!!


Just how terrible was the defense of a Mythological Beast? Many ordinary people could tell, not just the Archers. Even the most powerful Magician would have difficulty breaking the defense of Mythological Beasts.




Shen Yanxiao seriously did it?


Everyone was completely shocked!


Long Xueyao, who had been worried about Shen Yanxiao, exclaimed after seeing this scene.


Right! How could she have forgotten!? Shen Yanxiao had first appeared before them as an Archer; only when she revealed her true identity when they arrived in The Rising Sun City did they know that she was also a powerful Warlock.


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