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"Duan Hen liked this outcome, but Geng Di didn’t. After seeing the blue crystal ball on Duan Hen’s palm, Geng Di almost spat up blood.


At least, he still had some friendship with Twilight City. If he were to face Duan Hen, even though he would not win, he would not be beaten too badly. But Duan Hen was actually not paired up with him.


Geng Di looked at the remaining two candidates. The accumulated hatred between him and Shen Yanxiao was already off the charts. Not to mention the obstacles he had made for The Rising Sun City before, just thinking of what his own team had done to Shen Yanxiao’s team a few days ago, Geng Di felt very scared. Shen Yanxiao was definitely a very vengeful City Lord.


If he fell into her hands, he would definitely suffer more than an ugly death.


And that Long Fei had been “exchanging glances of silent understanding” with Shen Yanxiao from the beginning. Who knew whether they had reached an alliance or something. Falling into his hands was almost no different from falling into Shen Yanxiao’s hands.


Geng Di wanted to cry. He wanted to abstain very much. He was more of a mental player, he could smoothly design a plot better than anyone else. But when it came to fist fights, he had to step aside.


Geng Di could only pray now that Shen Yanxiao did not draw the same crystal ball as him. He would still be okay even if it were Long Fei because even if Long Fei were related to Shen Yanxiao, Geng Di believed that Long Fei should not beat him too much.


Geng Di’s face was all white. Shen Yanxiao calmly stood on the side, looking and appreciating the ugly expression of Geng Di. Her eyes flashed with an evil light.


"Next, the City Lord of The Rising Sun City, please draw now." The person in charge very responsibly invited Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao deliberately slowed down her pace and walked leisurely. Her malicious pair of eyes were looking at the ugly expression of Geng Di with the hint of a smile.


Geng Di felt that he was being stared at by a poisonous snake, but he still comforted himself in his heart. There were still two crystal balls. Shen Yanxiao would not necessarily draw the red one.


Shen Yanxiao slowly stretched her hand inside the box and fumbled for a while. The slower her speed was, the more scared Geng Di became. Every second of this moment was a torture for Geng Di.


Shen Yanxiao seemed to be very satisfied with Geng Di's expression. She was still not in a hurry to pick. She just smilingly looked at Geng Di and said, "Lord Geng, which one of the crystal balls do you want me to draw?"


Shen Yanxiao actually asked such a question to Geng Di!!!


Geng Di’s eyes almost rolled over and he almost fainted. This girl was deliberately doing this! It must be intentional!!!


"Lord Shen is joking. This has nothing to do with what I want and what I don’t. Whatever Lord Shen picks depends on Lord Shen’s luck." Geng Di put on a fake smile and answered. But his heart continued to curse Shen Yanxiao to pick the blue crystal ball and let her face the kid Duan Hen, so she could also stop provoking him already.


Shen Yanxiao liked to tease the nerves of Geng Di more. She tilted her head sideways and said, "That should not be said. Maybe I am lucky today and can have one’s wishes come true. If Lord Geng likes it, you can guess which one I will draw; who knows, maybe you’ll guess right."


Geng Di almost cursed loudly. Lucky? Even if he used his toes to think. Shen Yanxiao definitely hated him to the bones. If she were lucky, wouldn’t that mean his own luck was bad? She still wanted him to guess? Guess his ass!


Geng Di was about to blow his top. Shen Yanxiao had been stimulating him with words while being slow to take out a crystal ball. The feeling of his heart hanging in the air was almost making him crazy.


Was he going to live or die? Stop having a good time and let him know already, ah!

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